A preschool teacher and parents talk about the heart Wo

Many parents complained that parents of children in the kindergarten and to give them assignments. The "family job" give parents very upset, feeling that a toss. A preschool teacher online "complaining", say they work overtime often overnight. Making teaching aids for children, for the class layout environments, all within 8 hours of work to do, because a class has more than 30 kids, such work often gets dragged late into the night.

teachers post: with children during the day, evening preparing the children's toys

the kindergarten teacher, said he has more than 30 kids in the class, she thought about what happens to each child, giving them what kinds of activities can promote the kind of skills development, how to make AIDS how children learn to help each other, care about others; eyes ears open at all times, in case any kid a little rubbed.

This is not all, "every day of class to write a lesson plan, write a few articles a week observing children correct behavior observations, also wrote a variety of activities provided by the regional role, occasionally also to make notes, papers. "The teacher said, these things don't sound like much, but she 7:30 A.M. went to the park with children, 5 children from school to work in the evening. Lunch break at noon time, also looked after the kids NAP. Work and no time to write, and only came home to write.

and that's not all, "class of children's toys, learning tools, exercise equipment, nicely decorated in the classroom is where it came from? These are the teachers do work. "The teacher said, post finishing children's every day work, organizing toy, then take pictures, landscaping pictures, photos, school communication, paste the child lives, decorative works, hanging decorations, countless things are useful in less time with children.

recently, she took the children on an autumn trip back, shot eight or nine o'clock at night, and notice is due this Friday, preparation of textbooks, observing this, also review self, tired and dizzy. She said, too busy to get a job, get only 16,001 months wages.

and grief to her was so often parents also understand.

peer confirmed: kindergarten teacher, overtime is common

a placard friends, kindergarten teacher, said she looked very touching, although very busy tired and sometimes misunderstood by their parents, but all were worth for her, because she loved the children. She wants parents and teachers to communicate, don't think only sent a gift, the teacher will take care of your child, as long as usual, and teachers communicate, cooperate, children in kindergarten there won't be any problems.

"she says are widespread phenomena. "A public kindergarten teacher told reporters that no matter what type of kindergarten, the responsible teachers will be very tired, overtime is common. Many parents think, send their children to kindergarten well in peace, that is playing. Kindergarten children habits and are important aspects of enlightenment.

she said, and kindergarten courses of language, arts, science, health, social and other fields, to a view of art is made up of music, art, etc. Music-percussion, movement, singing, music, games, and more. Every course is different, more than 30 kids in a class, the teacher has only two, another is not lecturing teacher. Kindergarten curriculum should be vivid, teachers have to do a lot of preparation, to prepare the objects, pictures, through a variety of ways to stimulate a child's curiosity, and these need to be prepared after the children leave.

parents: If you could understand the teacher, communication easier

many parents see the "complaints" are understood. Some netizens said, himself a child with headache, more kindergarten teachers face every day a group of chattering children.

kindergarten parents Guo told reporters that there is one thing that makes her special experience of the kindergarten teacher is not easy. "There is a duty teacher called me, said children in kindergarten teachers wanted to hit him, but has failed to do, invite me to talk about. "After Guo to nursery schools, two on duty teacher and one teacher are very nervously and said to her, children lunch very slowly, the teacher said to him feeding, children suddenly said:" teacher, do you want to play me? "Teacher, worried parents misunderstanding, to parents to explain the situation. "I asked the kids to know, turned out to be a boy in the class, used to beat children, his fantasies, the teacher would beat children? To say those words. "If it really was misunderstood by parents, the teacher will be under a lot of pressure.

"I think most kindergarten teachers are very caring to parents understand, communicate more easily, teacher even hard, can experience the joy of recognized. "Children has Shang a grade of Chen ladies said, in children four years of kindergarten process in the, she will while received children of time and teacher chat chat, sometimes also will to teacher mention views, like sometimes manual job has difficulty, let parents nuts, teacher on will note, later teacher also please she participate in jiaweihui, class Shang has what thing are and she discuss with decided.

posting the teacher to see the parents saying: your support is my motivation. In any case, but I hope parents can more understand the teacher, and more emphasis on spiritual growth of children and education.