Computer homework becoming popular more and more parents are questioning teachers lazy

Remember when we were young, teacher workbooks, Red Hook and Red fork forks? Now the school has for more than a month, the reporter found, now the children's exercise books on brightly coloured teachers batch job to "tide": "our jobs can be direct Internet access to write, written a submission, the computer can directly correct the result! "Wang of Nanjing 24 first year very proudly told reporters.

recently, in an interview with reporters found, and "a pen marking" compared to the traditional way, correcting students ' homework now has been great changes have taken place: a teacher with a seal engraved with cartoon "Cap job", student group "model homework" batch job automatically, computer systems ... ... For a growing tide of correcting students ' homework, children feel "interesting" at the same time, some parents shouted, "don't understand": "how teachers feel less and less work? ”

then, the teacher is grading began on "lazy"? Reporters investigating this understanding.

• stamp read: representatives of Red Seal, and blue to override

"I can write good, the teacher gave me a red ' thumbs up '! "Wavelet of Xuanwu District in Nanjing in a primary school in second grade yesterday, happy, because his most recent jobs are red seal. "Representatives of Red Seal is done well, if authorized by the blue of the seals will be rewritten, but also be deductions for little red flowers! "Reporters in the interview that," seal batch job "has been popular, especially in the lower primary stage. This seal consists of symbols and text chapters. Chapter symbol with a smile, five-pointed star, Red Star, thumbs; text usually inscribed with "you're so cool", "Neat", "clever", brief language.

• students change each other: a group of four or five people to change

"my language from last semester exams, so the teacher let me to change jobs from others. "In the well-known Nanjing gulou district of elementary five grade South-South, told reporters.

but journalists in the survey found that, compared to the excellent students homework, many teachers now introduced more and more in the classroom among students "swap homework" approach, such as a table or panel discussions to Exchange modification. "We set up a lot of study groups, teachers can make a person do the leader, then the teacher explained the grading requirements, leaders, under the auspices of us to take a man's job ' model operations ', collective mark. That homework good places and bad places, everybody to express their views, give their assessment. "A grade four pupil told reporters.

and primary school different is that by middle school students took turns in homework is more common. "Too many of our high school homework, teachers can't come at all, so often take the teacher to answer, students crossing instead of ways to solve some of the problems of correcting the problem. ”

• parent signature: question adults don't, worry

"from our home girl primary school on the first day, I sat beside her with her homework, now grade a, she reached out and pushed each homework, homework task to check me, argued: ' teachers called parents to check, you have to sign it! ' "When it comes to daughters homework problems, who lives in xinjiekou headaches were made by chapter.

under the school of Telecom universal, many teachers also use SMS alerts parents to check homework. Reporters found that many parents feel very helpless parents homework to the teacher. "Junior is OK, since the learning of math, and come up with some strange problem, we do not understand! "Six, Zheng told a press conference on the child, since her daughter went class, homework has become a daily must-do your homework. "Class homework assigned by teachers, so the teacher is not going to change every day. But children do know right from wrong, parents do not check who can help? ”

• correcting network: homework in the Internet, the computer automatically

"the jobs we can do on the Internet, but there is no teacher, computers will be able to! "Liu is in Nanjing 24 first day of woman, she told reporters that the school launched a new website dedicated to students ' autonomous learning, teachers can be tiered from the test assignments for each student, and the system can not only score, but also be able to automatically determine the student's learning level, and adjust the task difficulty, automatically give students for his ability to learn the job.

"this is only way to network outside of the normal operation of an auxiliary, students can take advantage of this platform to learn self test. "24 President Wu Hong told reporters that at present, mathematics, physics, chemistry and foreign languages and other subjects have been able to carry out network operations.

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