Dad daughter Twitter records carefully preparing for the early rose throughout

He really is a very attentive father. Daughter who was just promoted to primary six, started early preparations for next year's rose test. From the start of the school year in September this year, writer and statistician born in Lee, opened a special personal micro-blog "up Daddy's notes at the beginning" and began "secretly" recording up beginning the whole process of preparing for daughter.

in just 2 months, careful and patient Mr Lee wrote more than 100 articles micro blog, everything is about her daughter, from her daughter eat, sleep, go to school and examination are recorded in detail, and even some bad talk talk, he recorded each of them individually.

"for the daughter, then no tired would be worth it. "This is a father's love. Primary school student after her mother read Li weibo, couldn't help but eye moist "being moved by his intention, as parents, all his expression I have resonance, and parents learn and think about the rest of us. "In an interview, Lee said," to be with his daughter through the day and happy, and discharge the responsibilities of the parents at the same time, to pick up more of their own life experience. ”

micro blog excerpt

"about math" and "just like catch a shuttle at the weekend"

@ This is the daughter of pupils under the present education system, Saturday 8:30~11:00;11:30~13:00  Sprint focused on secondary school remedial class examination in math class; 13:50~16:20; 19:30~21:00 new concept English. I like fair Shuttle, eat fast food at roadside snack bar in the middle.

@ home from work at noon on Sunday, see her desk buried in homework, says too much homework, wiping tears. On Saturday all day classes only Sunday school homework to do. There is also two essays, one-hand-like, I advised her to put the mind, eliminate one by one, and offered to help her hand, she did not agree.

@ school homework, class work, and every week we make a small plan, total mathematics English 5 to enhance practice. Usually at noon time, she consciously one do something, on Sunday afternoon when there are 7 Olympian does not do. Bought a math test, thousands of questions, easy, generally, the degree of difficulty, 3, 3, 1 win a week 7. Can be completed under the supervision of her plans.

@ siesta sleep until 3:30 on Sunday, woke up her homework in the living room. I advised her to go out with me, she says job not finished yet! I say you go out and play for a while, and come back again. Persuasion, to the park with a family of three, sunny, cool breeze caresses, full of green, let her relax. Lake square, shuttlecock jumping rope, playing for more than an hour, and go home.

@ training camp a total of 10 times, 400 Yuan. Once a week, each of four sections, the first two sections are the teacher induction, consolidation and improve math knowledge, section III of the exam, the fourth section papers. Math class is based on the outside and further systems and improve combat skills. One day the next day payment, otherwise be abstaining, will have parents lining up to make money, to pay a first seat! I did feel a bit like a row number to buy it!

"the marks" do well but have to pour some cold water

@ received a coaching school phone, exam results came on Saturday. Was going to have a focused training classes in secondary schools, 40, is a selection examination. Is "pinched tip", the students get together, dedicated to training. I don't know how difficult proposition, she got 41 minutes, 18, was accepted.

@ math test scores came out, she got a 146 points. A roll of 65 minutes, two-volume 81. Into the finals of the 100 people in 30. A volume is a math problem, difficult to score slightly lower. Two coils is relatively simple, only 81 minutes, a little less. In fact, she was a little lost, I said, trying, very good.

@ class to meet her on my way home in the evening, said she was criticized by her English teacher, and asked to write checks. She is midterm exam, 99 points. She said the teacher criticized the student, also criticised them few good students. She was asked to score 100. I say too seriously, the teacher is saying, no one can guarantee that every 100 points.

@ each section exam once last week, still good looking she is cool. Language 99+3, a wrong synonyms, add 3 points-making, math and English is 100 points. I did not encourage, the papers said, small papers too difficult! Given her cold.

"learning" and "I'm not alone in the fight"

@ the semester since the greetings we hear most is "what are you going to send their children to school", as the word spread out, let us choose. We all know that it's time we brought the children to the handful of good schools before, and let people choose.

@ received a strange telephone calls that afternoon very enthused is her classmate's MOM, be modest in asking me for advice. I'm scared not light, I have lots to ask it! In times like this, the parents would like to get together, encourage each other, teach each other learning experience, also AC heard admissions information. At this point, I'm pleased: I am not alone in the fight!

@ a friend said to me, you're a bit nervous! Friends look out for infecting their children the tension. He said there is some truth to it. Proper tension, can become a driving force to promote learning, if nervous, probably the opposite. So, relax, relax, relax ... ...

"relevant experience" children should not be an adult conversation

@ sometimes will feel kids today are very poor, childhood, being surrounded by all kinds of classes, can be a happy message? But not so, how we can stay in this education system too!

@ review: don't take her from the couch in front of the television to learn table shouldn't be seen sitting at the desk of her homework instead of cartoons and long-winded; shouldn't she was not drawing comics, I dictated words regardless of shouldn't be angry with her when she goes out and do nothing.

@ is examination-oriented system that we have to participate in this competition, but we cannot leave the child childhood filled the problem the problem is becoming a problem. To fully take some corner time, let them savor those few pleasures. See what she likes, what she wants to, may not be what is the hardest thing to do, you can go to. Can't get up early kidnap on behalf of happy!

@ in a child's mind, exactly what we look like? If we pay, get a child's rebellion, we love are already tied cables, or even destroying the noose? Children need to make progress, but on the basis of their progress, should not be compared with others, and certainly not us that point in front of the vanity and mighty, and sports! Children should not be capital in our conversation!

dialogue: children relaxed and happy, but also very Kinky

Reporter: why do you think in this way?

Mr LI: I have a blog, but then I think Twitter short, easily updated, and can also communicate with other parents.

Reporter: now careful and patient father like you really don't.

Mr LI: when it comes to parents, many would say the responsibility, but I feel that, in the discharge of responsibilities, but also gain more life experience. Also agitated when, later also was to blame.

Reporter: under what circumstances would you upset?

Mr LEE: such as tangled on exam-oriented education system. I very much hope that children can easily, as long as happy as well. But I have to give her, get into a good high school for the future.

Reporter: children have not seen you write tweets?

Mr LI: No. She doesn't know I'm in the record. I've got an idea. Next year, such as the dust settles, I'll sort out micro-blogging, printed in book form for her.

Reporter: early not to participate in the junior high exams also have junior counterparts can read?

Mr LI: Yes, but would also like to participate in the tests, an army Sprint these key middle school. After all, good teaching resource, configure there. In my opinion, a poor learning environment, negative effects on the children is great.

Reporter: a day with the kids, be tired?

Mr LI: a friend said I gave up a lot for children, I think the growth of children is not reversible, all the details are worth it. I have a habit, is a weekly summary of happy things. Found that many are related to children. Even those that are hard, like cooking for children, with the children running, bickering with her, and so on, so the hard is life's gifts.