Full-time mothers become long-term careers expert calls for avoiding excessive attention to the child

Both new "small package", or face a small rise early, exam, college entrance examination "candidates", they are inseparable from the job of parents to grow up. In order for children to have a better learning environment, parents had to resign "full-time mother", for rent, room change, "Meng Mu moved three" kids a day, access to all kinds of classes, no chance to breathe. These parents are active in all kinds of forums for parents, keeps in close contact with each other, for fear of unguarded missed important information. Parents, is turning into a long-term occupation.

can't hold his resignation "a full-time mother"

Lee is the mother of a grade bean bags, children go to school for a month, she was a bit much. "With war every day," she said, and the first week of school, never slept before 10 o'clock in the evening.

Lee's home an hour away from the school, every night I got home from school more than 6 points, after dinner, required by the teacher check assignment, correcting spelling, get ready for the next day's stationery, chats, accompany children to practice oral English, "a dry-down, more than 10 points." Lee said she has only just begun, after children have high grade, classes will be more and more, "lots of kids on the math, English, swimming, piano classes". She says, think about the day after, I felt unable to HOLD, want to be a full-time mother.

an active parent forum in Beijing, a number of the parent for the child as a full-time mother's post raised concerns. Post says, has recently found that many mothers for the children to go to school quit working, dedicated classes around with kids. Netizen yunerzh said he was a full-time mother, children go to school that day will never work. "The huge Beijing, no help for the elderly, child his father almost count on anything, for the small rise early, for children's health and interests and a few classes, I can't go to work. "For the helpless and the inevitable choice, yunerzh said, I don't know if I will regret in the future, but the thought of the children, she decided to do a full-time mother.

working mother, lift the child has said out of frustration. One parent said he left work early to go to different classes to pick up the kids, see accompanying children, MOM and dad are. "Seems to have only my baby was the maternal grandmother of", she also wanted to do full-time MOM, but mortgage payments, economic conditions do not permit. Parents said that Beijing's pressure is too big, two balance more difficult.

far from parents for room rental homes

the new school after more than a month, parents-for-rent demand more and more. A mother in an online posting said wanted to rent in eight nearby houses, for rent near Haidian huangzhuang. However, since it is difficult to meet each suitable for two people to rent, rent becomes much parents choice.

Wang who lives in village send their children into the family this year Congress school. Because of the Asian Games Village Home far away from home, the family rented century city, "rent 7000 Yuan a month." Wang said that she was a "moving house three times" feeling. Stylistically, think, on rent, I was to start late. Wasn't quite sure children could not enter, hammered out around the House has been difficult to get a room. Their shuttle for several days, had to go out for more than an hour early, so, she can only be the renting out of the Asian Games village. Too busy for a whole month, "in order to let the children sleep." Last 5000 to rent the House out of the Asian Games village. "Equivalent of actual rent is 2000 bucks now and still balance a little bit."

for rent, Wang had made a protracted war preparation, she felt for the children to go to school, House to rent at least five or six years of his own.

nobody transfers posting seeking carpool managed

"home is the second ditch 20 meters, because the work is far too few children, asked parents of seniors all what Ah? What are the managed class? Can you send children? Thank you! "The opening shortly past 3 o'clock in the afternoon as many primary schools, school, led to many working parents are unable to pick up the kids. Answer the child's questions difficult to be bad parents.

reporter learned that, although some schools have managed class, but often a teacher taking care of students picked up from school on time. Parents want after school, children have a place to go to, but also steering children to learn, so a variety of managed classes became a parents choice. Managed classes just to look after the children, are not responsible for, and managed class to have two or three children would only be managed together. So parents have posted in the hope of finding partners.

one parent said, entrust their investigation around the school for several classes, some only to 6:30, another till 9 o'clock in the evening. "I finally found a neighborhood Committee, a near neighbor to help me. I have to not worry about a few days ago, now will not be at ease "to find people to pick up the kids and parents breathed a sigh of relief.

in addition to the managed class, pick up the kids is also a problem, some parents live far away, thinking of each car, and still others are already considering the winter cold, inconvenient questions by bus, hoping to carpool.

class clock

pressures often say that burden, but the school really lighten up, parents did not ease. One parent said, the school gave each child a "lightening schoolbag" books in school, every day at the school did not complete homework or watching stuff home to parents.

"I and hi and worry, Hi of is, this is a good, children can has more himself of time; worry of is, was job on not more, many when are is equal to no, now a burden, children on more sheep has, I kind of not practical has, a thought evil of small rose early, I on not calm has, I not calm of inside need let teacher more to children layout job to make up Ah. "A parent posting said.

one hand distressed children study hard, but worried about school, trying to give children classes, this is a common psychological parents. Just opened, a lot of first-year parents of adzuki bean bag has been posted on the Internet, asking parents of seniors "senior" how to give a child class. "Math class, English class, writing classes, interest classes, which one is it? "And a lot of children's classes are starting from kindergarten.

what classes are for children and parents is actually a tangle, "ordinary" warning on the Internet "newbie parents" said say what class is your thing, but if most of my other children are learning something, her children didn't learn and tends to play tennis with the children, easy to be isolated.

"expert opinions"

parents should not be unduly concerned about children

China Youth and children Research Center, Director of the Institute for children and adolescents said Sun Hongyan, parent concerns about child moderately well, concentrating on children, such as early classes, for children at schools around the rental, but easier to bring pressure.

said Sun Hongyan, in her survey, many children from the kindergarten math class, advanced learning mainly from parents, frightened child left behind, but it will bring a lot of pressure. In her view, if the child can adapt to the strength, you can. Of course, give them some classes can be, mainly to develop children's interest. However, many parents now profitable are too heavy, interest classes are selected piano, Ballet and other projects for future examination, admission, which will prematurely wear no child's interest. She believes that parents should put his heart and vision further afield.

in fact, many children are on the advanced training courses, many children have been in contact with English since primary school. Said Sun Hongyan, which is contrary to law of cognition and the brain development in children. She said that child until the age of 7, is not suitable for accepting too much pure knowledge of content, because the stage is right brain development, children are more willing to accept the perception of education should bring their child in touch with nature, music, and more to stimulate children's creativity and imagination. Because the left brain in charge of logical thinking the time has not yet fully developed, advanced education is only useful to a small number of children, for most children, it is not very useful. Parents too much utility, would harm the child.

many parents quit her full-time MOM, full with children of various classes, said Sun Hongyan, if the child is small, can be considered full time, but family is slowly away from children, is far from the best to watch their children grow. However, many parents until the child in junior high school, continues to take care of the children of full-time at home. In her view, the selfless dedication of parents think it is on the one hand, on the other hand, will bring subtle pressure. "Say only children are selfish, but they are also the most selfless", said Sun Hongyan, this invisible pressure allowing the child to return the love of parents, will try even harder to learn, it is also easy to cause anxiety.