Headteacher weekly resort prepared "family Guide"

"Parents, you realize it or not, you're in front of the children said his shortcomings, is actually strengthened his faults. You have to write the 5 advantages of their children. "Recently, the reporter in jianghan district of Wuhan Tian Yi Jie, second-graders (3) notes on the work of the class teacher Xu Hong, this is her last week, leaving parents" homework ".

day Street elementary school is located in the heart of Hankou six bridge, full of students in the early 90. Reduced as a result of natural, only 452 students in the school, and was probably "flow of flowers". Last year, according to the actual situation of the school, began to explore the "small class teaching".

second grade (3) class of 22 students. When Xu Hong took the class this term, found that many parents educate their children have "blind spots". She said: "a lot of parents love their children not method, some taibaodalan, some too laissez-faire, leading to children fall into bad habits or a character flaw. ”

one boy surnamed Peng in the class do things very slowly. His father pick him up when he finished copy problem, helped him copy them, and criticized his "too slow". Xu Hong reminds parents: "children after copying homework problems, usually have to much praise. ”

after the contact with the other parents, Xu Hong found "parents not teaching children" is a common phenomenon. Based on our experience and knowledge of psychology, she extracted a question a week, and find related stories are written as "family Guide" to every parent. Since the new term began, Xu Hong had written "do you carrying schoolbags for their children", "your child ren, please", "does not meet all the requirements of the" 7 "family Guide".

to receive effective, Xu Hong requires parents weekly written feedback. Get their recognition and appreciation, some parents began to rethink his approach to education. Ji Shuhuai MOM messages: "parents really do a lot of things for their children, make them lose the chance to exercise. "Gan Wu's parents printed feedback:" kid, not too seriously to care about some things. ”

boys father Xu Jixiang Xu Dechun are migrant workers, usually making ends meet, the child too much permissiveness. He doesn't read much, at first was reluctant to finish the special "homework". Xu Hong, he joked: "well ya, you don't train, it is better for my son. ”

now, carefully complete the "homework" has become an important task of Xu Dechun every weekend. He said: "teachers ' tutoring guide works, let me know how to educate their children in the right way. ”