Hebei Baoding family education research

This year, Hebei, Baoding City, FMC in-depth implement implementation science development views, looks at Yu harmony family, and harmony social of created, insisted people, and service for first, to children family for this of concept, active participation social management innovation, vigorously implementation, Baoding City, family "Eleven-Five" planning, to promote children physical and mental health for target, to improve parents quality for mainline, around family of features and law, widely publicity universal family education advanced concept and science knowledge, expand family guide service platform, Continue to promote the city's family education to deepen, so that parental benefits and tutor's influence continued to expand and improve in order to enhance the scientific teaching ability of parents, played an important role promoting the healthy growth of children.

      , perfecting mechanism, providing organizational assurance for family education

      , family, is the establishment of the leading group, the municipal women's Federation, civilization Office, the municipal education Bureau, Youth League, and other departments. Second, after much fighting for the inclusion of family education, spiritual civilization construction plan, formed a party attention, governmental support, the women's Federation led pattern of family education, departments, social participation, and create conditions for the in-depth development of family education, provided a guarantee. Three General the Baoding family education research association, the formation of experts and professors from the University and practical experience of school principals (Director), the professional team of teachers, universal talent laid the Foundation for family education.

       second, the integration of resources, implementing the family education

      , Baoding City, is starting a "scientist taught tens of thousands of" public lectures, activities on the first report of family education, China Education Society Executive Director, "Dear Abby" Lu Chin with the national tour of family education for parents on the Mission of experts is their "first class."

       is an expert in using family to tour the country in the second tour opportunities in schools and units directly under the list of expert seminars for teaching families, communities, enterprises, under parental praise. So far, the city has held lectures on family more than 80 sessions, more than 80,000-parent benefit for minors ' healthy growth and create a favorable environment.

       III is the use of television, radio, newspapers and Internet propaganda front, opening family education column, for the majority of parents provide tutoring methods, promoting family education to science education by experience change.

       IV is a member of play tutor seminar, popularizing parenting knowledge. Zhuozhou, Wangdu County (municipal and district) Member, and his own practical work, strengths, teach parenting knowledge, welcomed by the parents. Private school members to play advantage, planning tutor lectures, organized parental involvement activities.

       through family education, mainly in the following considerations:

      , find the problem, be targeted.

       family education is an important part of the national education, are important aspects of strengthening and improving the ideological and ethical construction of minors, is also an important guarantee for the healthy growth of minors. At present, China's economic and social transformation, economic, cultural and diversified background, family education is faced with many new situations and new problems and new challenges. Are affected by the current educational system, parents ' own quality limitations and social adverse factors that impact on families, education has become increasingly prominent. One is the increase in problem child makes parents confused, family action is timely not to make parents miss out on the best time for the child's education, does not love cause love and damages. Second, the rise in juvenile crime, directly influenced the next generation of students. Third, out of family education and school education, parents awareness of the first teachers ' responsibilities are not in place, family education has many errors. For example: some parents pass on family responsibilities to teachers; child was wrong not to admit responsibility; parents are focusing on capacity-building, only intelligence; children ungrateful and selfish. Four is the liberation of Western anti-China forces have never ceased to adolescent attempt to westernize. Five is the reform and opening up, some bad cultural influences, such as culture, arts, media, network and make our children love, such as game rooms, indulge in Internet cafes, inducing nonsense, borrows money from bad boy, and finally on the road to crime. These problems are to some extent affect the healthy growth of children, affect social harmony and stability, affecting the nation and the future of the nation, there is an urgent need to further strengthen and improve. Baoding-China Women's Federation to find out problem, innovative thinking, innovative carrier innovation, increase the intensity of family education, family education targeted.

       II, awareness, innovative thinking.

       the depth of understanding and effectiveness of their work. First to recognize that family education is the need of family harmony and social stability. , Baoding City, according to the children's development program final evaluation report (2001-2010), the causes of the sharp rise in juvenile crime and family education has a direct relationship. Family first education parents establish a correct Outlook on talents, according to the characteristics of the child to education, and ensure the healthy growth of children.

       second, the needs of social development. Children are the future of our country, family hope. Family education is an integral part of basic education and lifetime education system, is an important part of socialist spiritual civilization and construction of harmonious society. Attention to family education, promotion of minors ' ideology and moral construction and upgrading the quality of its citizens have a fundamental role, bearing on the vital interests of millions of families and the nation's future and destiny, adolescent health and the national train qualified builders and successors of urgent needs.

       III is the need of school education. Family education is the Foundation of education and social education in schools, is the key to train children to good habits and learning styles. Qualities of the parents decide their children's quality of decision process of social development, to educate parents to establish the concept of lifelong learning, science teaching, cultivate successors to the moral, intellectual and physical development. All in all, family education is the millions of benevolent works, national talent's project, Lee in contemporary and future generations. Baoding-China Women's Federation recognized the importance and necessity of family education, innovative ideas and particular focus on family education, leaders personally, because of leadership attached great importance to and consolidate the cornerstone of family education.

       third, innovation carrier, expand promotion to depth and breadth.

       is the active form and content and constantly improve and expand. Best carrier held high-level scientists teach million launch, invited a high-level national, provincial and municipal leaders to attend the meeting, ACWF Wu Xinping children Minister, Zhou Ronghui Director of tutoring, Deputy Chairman of the provincial women's Federation Liu Baoping, Zhang Jihua Minister for children, Baoding Shi Hailin Mayor, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. Invitation to a high-level Chinese family education society Executive Director, Deputy Head of China family tour Lin Ke visit the site, famous Chinese parenting expert Lu Chin made a wonderful speech, opened the prelude of the Baoding City tutoring jobs.

       second, crowd much attention, extending and expanding the education object. We are not only concerned about left-behind parents of migrant children, will also focus on extended to households. Object extends from parents of primary school to junior middle school education, kindergartens, enterprises, communities, more than a total of more than 80 parents coverage expanded. ACWF parents double qualified online briefing, Baoding daily newspaper in our approach.

       third, form tutors teachers continue to expand. Baoding City tutoring Institute transition, absorbed its University, Hebei University, Baoding College Professor of psychology, pedagogy, part of Baoding tutors work with the participation of primary and secondary schools kindergarten, principals and heads of public security departments, private education institutions, and built a team of highly qualified experts.

       IV is a typical development tree tutor. Baoding-China Women's Federation mining tutoring resources, develop selected trees typical. Will private institutions of Baoding Iraq meal English School of Wang Lihan principal recommended for province FMC tutor learned members, Baoding City tutor Institute governing, and and of cooperation held has more field family lecture, invited has tutor experts Wei health, for Baoding of parents taught science tutor knowledge, also focused on play King principal of members role, total for Rong Cheng, and Tang, held do wisdom parents, tutor lecture 5 field times.