Jinan school family education training no less than two times per semester

On October 18, reporters in Jinan City Bureau was informed that, recently, the town has developed rules for the construction and management of the elementary and secondary parent Board examination (for trial implementation), primary and secondary school parent guidance the work of the Committee. In future, all primary and secondary schools to set up schools for parents, there are plans to organize family education and training, family education training of not less than twice per semester.

Jinan municipal education Bureau pointed out that school parent committees is to enhance home-school communication and collaboration, allowing parents to participate fully in school management, effective parents towards school work right, right of review, an important way to participate and to supervise. All primary and secondary schools should strengthen the publicity and education to parents, so parents understand, attention, support and actively participate in the construction and management of school parent committees.

Jinan City Bureau of education for parents a more detailed specification of the work of the Committee. First, set up schools for parents, family education and training plans to organize and guide parents continually updating educational thinking, with the school achieved science education. Family education training of not less than twice per semester. Second, members of the parent Committee to be sent to parents to attend school Council, academic conferences, organized together with the school parents lecture, parents open houses and parent open days, participation in the evaluation of students and teachers, help improving and perfecting the educational work of the school. Three is the parent Committee to help schools actively carry out social activities, improve students ' practical ability and development of pupils ' civic awareness and social responsibility. D is for parents to develop educational exchanges of experience, educational stories, educational activities such as story selection, organize highest rated excellent parents and family education experience reports, provide a platform for mutual exchange of experience for parents.

in accordance with the Jinan City Bureau of education requirements, schools for parents to provide the Committee with the necessary office space and conditions to set up columns of the parent Committee school site, in striking position to set up a parent mailbox, schools reflect the opinions and demands of the parents Committee, schools must be answered within the time limit specified.