Minister of education Yuan guiren: reduce by half the number of rural primary schools across 10

The morning of 30th plenary session of the joint meeting of the 24th meeting of the NPC, the State Council concerning the implementation of the national plan for medium and long-term education reform and development (2010-2020) reports on the work of thematic questions. Education Minister Yuan guiren said in responding to inquiries, with the smaller rural schools, student mobility to urban schools. From 2000 to 2010, 10 years, half the rural primary schools across the country, reduced from 550,000 to 260,000.

Yuan guiren said the adjustment of rural primary and secondary schools, is a hot topic of concern in recent days. Especially after the recent school bus accidents, more attention. To resolve this problem, the premise is to understand the causes of the problem and process. Is to fully understand and grasp the layout adjustment reasons. Here can be summed up as "a little", "more than a number", "high":

"a little", is the decrease in the number of rural students, the school-age population reduction. 6-14 years old throughout the compulsory school-age population decreased from 205 million in 2000 to 2010 to 158 million, down more than 47 million.

"more than a number", that is, along with the accelerated process of urbanization, increased accompanying children of migrant workers, in addition to population reduction, took part. National and migrant workers at about 240 million, their children either staying or accompanying. 2010 compulsory students who live in town to read about 12 million.

"high" is the increased demand for quality education. Small rural schools, teachers have less, parents worry about quality assurance, also led to a flow of students to urban schools. From 2000 to 2010 decade, due to the above reasons, primary school has dropped by half, reduced from 550,000 to 260,000. Junior high school by one-sixth, from 64,000 to less than 55,000.

Yuan guiren said, must face up to the new situation caused by the layout adjustment. Layout integration of the educational resources in rural areas, enhance the level of teachers, improve the quality and efficiency of education, on the whole is to be sure. But some schools merge, there are simplistic, process not standardized, as well as the conditions after the merge is not ready problem, it should be improved. After merging, or accommodation, or no accommodation. Accommodation for students, school after merging some of the students to schools far away from home accommodation, the school would not only solve the problems of teaching and learning, but also to address live, eat, play, health, and safety issues, as well as the economic burden on their families. And students to stay away from school, either on foot or by bicycle, accounted for 64%, or transportation, including school buses, private cars, buses, rental cars, it also carries the risk of traffic.

Yuan guiren, stressed that efforts to resolve the problems after layout adjustment, includes three main points:

a clear principle of school merging ideas, should be more careful with the school's closedown, should give full consideration to the student to and from school, traffic safety, boarding schools and other factors. Fails to meet criteria no merge, the teaching need to be preserved to keep running it, and to do good.

Second, we must make clear to withdraw and work procedures, to establish school layout adjustment of the hearing and publicity system, fully hear the views of parents and villagers ' autonomous organizations, to withdraw after a scientific and rigorous program and schools would have to build back, problem better accommodation to the traffic problem, solve the problem of accommodation students living.

three to meet the new school merging. Boarding schools to improve school conditions, increase student dormitories, cafeterias and living facilities such as toilet-building efforts, solve the support of students from poor families. Need of good teaching points, now has nearly 70,000 teaching points, trying to improve their condition, equipped with qualified teachers, in particular using information technology, as well as teachers teach and volunteer services to improve the quality of education and teaching of the teaching points. In all aspects of the effort, establishing a school bus system, standardize the operation of school bus management, solve the problem of students to and from school traffic safety.