Ministry of education: 80% of migrant children into public school

Eight migrant children in public school

education: basically none of the students of school        due to financial difficulties;

"in 2011, the accompanying children in the public schools of migrant workers around 79.2%, up 12.7% from 2010. 2010, 2011, a total of 7.96 billion yuan in the central budget awards supplement accompanying children to receive compulsory education in the region of the settlement. "Today, the Minister of education Yuan guiren, entrusted by the State Council to the NPC Standing Committee on the implementation of the national medium and long-term education reform and development plan (2010-2020) said in the report on the work of, at present, China is working to address accompanying children receiving compulsory education of rural workers.

according to reports, in terms of increase of disadvantaged groups support, China has built up from pre-school to postgraduate education a more complete system of needy students finance policy, basically no students in school because of financial difficulties.

starting from the fall semester this year, pre-school education funded by the local system for needy children, orphans and disabled children to be funded, the Central Government Award and subsidy. Establishment of senior high school students from poor families subvention system, each 1500 Yuan a year, reached 4.82 million students, accounting for 20% of the total number of students.

Yuan guiren said, in strengthening specification management aspects, for people reflect compared highlight of charges, and mess conducting courses, and taught auxiliary material bulk which, problem, insisted specimens and rule, and comprehensive, highlight focus, and overall advance: a is established sound governance education charges work mechanism; II is active advance source governance, increased funding guarantees efforts, promoted compulsory education balanced development, for governance charges work created conditions; three is to governance elementary and middle schools service charges and generation charges problem, insisted voluntary and non-profit principles, Strictly defined charges range, and program and permission; four is take effective measures ban various form of mess conducting courses, clear requirements canceled compulsory education stage various focus school, and focus class, and class, strictly ban inducted into teachers to any form for charges sex lessons, on elementary and middle schools violations do school, problem, implemented monitoring points dynamic management; five is Xia vigorously gas governance elementary and middle schools taught auxiliary material bulk which problem, further strengthening on taught auxiliary material published, and printed, and issued, link of regulatory, Continue on rectification of pirated teaching materials.