Ministry of education: college entrance examination tests will increase knowledge of the law

According to the Beijing times reported that the Ministry of Education issued the national education system of legal publicity and education of the sixth five-year plan (2011-2015), which clearly requires legal knowledge in the classroom and in the institutions of higher learning, increase legal knowledge content in the secondary school entrance examination.

planning, targeted increase in legal education in the primary and secondary school curricula content, vivid and various forms of the Socialist concept of rule of law and legal knowledge and education.

planning requirements, Progressive Socialist idea of the rule of law, legal knowledge into students ' knowledge and a comprehensive quality test category. Increase reflected in the institutions of higher learning, secondary schools entrance examination the Socialist rule of law concept and contents of the knowledge of the Constitution and fundamental legal principles and common sense to guide school attaches great importance to developing the legal system education.

in order to ensure increased legal content in the classroom, law curriculum in the plan also calls for the establishment of backbone teacher, full-time teacher training system.