Ministry of education for the teachers ' professional standards consultation requirements respecting students ' individual differences

Beijing, December 12,   General news, Department of education today on its Web site on kindergartens, primary and middle school teachers ' professional standards for comments. Draft focused on sex education in kindergarten, primary and secondary education in the missing, homogenization serious corporal punishment, education and other issues, has specific requirements for teachers.

teachers ' professional standards highlight the moral   emphasis on students ' status

recently, the Ministry of education, head of the Division of teacher education on teachers ' professional standards emphasized when answering reporters ' questions, requirements highlight the moral requirements of teachers ' professional standards, code of ethics for teachers to meet and also stressed students, requires teachers to respect students and caring for students, give full play to the initiative of students.

the charge, teachers ' professional standard has the following four features:

is a prominent ethics requirements, requires teachers to meet ethical requirements and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of teaching and practising the Socialist core value system.

second is to emphasize students ' main body position, requires teachers to respect students and caring for students, give full play to the initiative of students, provide an appropriate education for students, promote active and lively development of each student.

three is to emphasize the practical abilities, requires teachers to combine theory and practice of subject knowledge, education, research and improving education work, enhance their professional capacity.

four embodies the characteristics, requires teachers to actively adapt to the requirements of economic, social and educational development, constantly optimize the knowledge structure, and continuously improve the culture, lifelong learning model.

ban satire discrimination, corporal children for kindergarten teachers

standard of kindergarten teachers ' professional pilot consulted this emphasized that kindergarten teachers to protect children's lives in the first place, to respect children's personality, equal treatment to every child, without irony, sarcasm, discrimination against children, not corporal punishment or corporal toddler.

requirements of the standard, the kindergarten teachers, to effectively protect children and deal with children's accidents and hazards priority care child care. And specific requirements of preschool education a good listener, affable, effective communication with children.

the standards, educational administrative departments at all levels of the professional standards to be used as the basis for kindergarten teachers, deepening the reform of teacher education, teacher education quality guarantee system, and constantly improve the quality of kindergarten teachers ' training. Development of kindergarten teachers access standards, strict customs entry of kindergarten teachers.

standard pointed out that educational administrative departments at all levels to improve the training of kindergarten teachers training programme, scientific teacher education, reform teaching methods, pay special attention to professional ethics education for kindergarten teachers, attention to social and educational practice.

teachers learn about sex education in primary schools is explicitly required

recently received by the parties concerned about the lack of sex education in primary and middle school students. In this regard, the primary school teachers ' professional standards of pilot draft stressed that teachers need to know pupils puberty and sexual health education knowledge and methods.

the standards, an elementary school teacher to understand the students ' safety knowledge, mastering for pupils of various violations and victimization prevention and response.

standards, pupils in primary school teachers to trust, respect individual differences, take the initiative to understand and meet the different needs of beneficial to the physical and mental development of pupils. To respect the law of education and the mental and physical development of pupils, providing suitable education for every pupil.

standards, an elementary school teacher to understand the different age and physical and mental development of pupils with special educational needs characteristics and laws, control strategies and methods to protect and promote the development of pupils ' mental and physical health. Understanding of convergence between the psychological characteristics of students in early young and small, to help young students a smooth transition.

secondary school teachers are required to respect students ' individual differences

for many years, homogenization of elementary and secondary education in China is serious, and popular criticism. Secondary school teachers ' professional standards draft stressed that secondary school teachers should respect individual differences, take the initiative to understand and meet the diverse needs of students respecting the independent personality of middle school students, maintenance of middle school students ' legitimate rights and interests, equal treatment to each student.

standard, middle school teachers to understand the students ' world Outlook, Outlook on life, values formation processes and its approach to education, and in accordance with their formation, targeted to organizations carrying out moral education activities. And requires teachers to understand groups, cultural traits and behaviors among middle school students.

the standard emphasizes, middle school teachers to put ethics first, implementation of code of ethics for teachers. Caring for middle school students, respect for the middle school students ' personality; teachers, teaching and education, self-esteem, self-discipline, infection with charisma and charm education students, mentor and guide the students ' healthy growth.

standard, high school teachers to establish education oriented, moral education before conception, middle school students ' ability of learning, development and combination of qualities to develop, pay attention to the comprehensive development of students trust high school students, and actively create conditions, promote the independent development of students.

in terms of teachers ' professional quality and standards, secondary school teachers to respect students ' rights and interests, with students as the main body, and fully mobilize the initiative and play high school students; follow the students ' physical and psychological development and education in law, providing the right education. To guide students in active learning, self-reliance, and develop good habits of mind and ability to adapt to society.