Should let them "false start"? Many parents struggle

Recently, a mother in a parent-child forum post said her son started first grade in the second half of this year, but due to the elementary school without learning all subjects, couldn't keep up with the progress of students and teachers around, leading to results always bottom in class, she was worried. This situation, a lot of netizens wrote the mother blunder, now worry that kids can't keep up with the rhythm of his teacher after school rather than send their children to kindergarten early class.

the net post, mother said, "my son's grades are always at the bottom of the class, teacher exchanges with me, said children in absorbing new knowledge is slower than other students, in class unable to digest new content. Later, I asked about, most of the parents for their child's kindergarten kids Kindergarten class, their children naturally learn better. In fact I've tangled before, but then I gave up, mainly school work that later must be very heavy pressure, not tied him in kindergarten, did not expect was trouble. ”

whether the child "early learning" makes many parents struggle. Chen's daughter (not her real name) is now studying at a primary school in Nanjing, she told reporters, her daughter primary school before, she kept around her colleague and teacher to inquire about how there is no need to give children "early learning", the response is "necessary". So she just put their children in kindergarten classes.

"many primary schools, teacher Ruby teach quickly, one month is over, if you do not let the children contact in advance, the child's spelling is less good than others, confidence would be cuosun. I've also seen some parents can't bear to make the kids being so small that advance knowledge, but admitted more stress, parents to accompany their children at home every day desperately cramming. "Chen said.

even if there are a lot of parents take their kids, "false start", but some parents are very calm. Hao 玥 (not his real name) son studying at a famous University. She told reporters that my son didn't specifically learn the elementary knowledge in elementary school. "My son is in a class on a total of 30 children, has an English cram schools can sign up for at the kindergarten, son or not, I also respect him. He later learned that the class a person not in English. "Hao 玥 said that after one or two weeks, suddenly said to her son and want to sign up to learn English, she went to kindergarten English helped his son signed up. In Hao 玥 's view, in the treatment of children, the mentality of parents be good, she thought if respect for the wishes of the child in the English class when they first opened barely register, the child was even going to class, and passive learning.

experts advise

impetuous enthusiasm   affects children's physical and psychological development

Nanjing gulou kindergarten Cui Liling says such impetuous Act of pulling away from the law of children's physical and psychological development. Stages of belong to pre-school education in kindergartens, children's thinking in specific stages, should develop their hands-on skills allow them to accumulate experience in the activity. Premature children learning language knowledge, even though he learned on the surface, does not necessarily have a good understanding of what this means.