Strengthen family education theory achievement promotion of Yunnan let scientists show benefiting families

Yunnan province, in order to strengthen family education research and promotion, improving the relevance and effectiveness of family education, and family education society of Yunnan province "Eleven-Five" family education research, has recently finished and award winning project. Investigation and analysis on these issues through a variety of forms, and ways of practice-while-studies, of different ages and different stages, different regions an empirical test of family education for minors, some results have been accepted practice.

compensate for the lack of gratitude education

lucheng kindergarten in Chuxiong city, Chuxiong City North Road primary school's "Thanksgiving education" study, mainly aimed at groups that exceptional living environments in recent years an only child, leading to more and more students are showing dependence, the general lack of caring heart, take care of the parents and teachers for granted, grateful education lacking status into question, seek effective ways of gratitude education.

lucheng kindergarten in Chuxiong city child care family Thanksgiving education present situation investigation found that groups of parents on "Thanksgiving education" concept, meaning the general lack of knowledge, lack of understanding; family Thanksgiving education process, the methods form a single, fails to effectively guide their children; gratitude education more stressed to relatives for Thanksgiving, rarely extend to strangers, nature and so on. In this regard, the kindergarten invited Chuxiong Normal University Associate Professor Mao Zhiyuan parents seminar of the family how to carry out Thanksgiving education; carry out Thanksgiving education activities of the MOM, I love you the warmth of home, the teacher of your hard work. North Road primary school in the province research group of expert help, made communication platform, set up the "Thanksgiving education management network"; Arts and culture into "Thanksgiving" activity, students organized "Thanksgiving" programmes.

by raising parents awareness, strengthen the consciousness of children, theme events, constructed jointly commissioned research on gratitude education of school and family patterns, grubbing has improved to a certain extent the modern family-child's mental state.

exploring effective parent-child communication patterns

Chuxiong zone experiment primary school on the school of more than 400 more households students do has family questionnaire survey, found children family of parent-child communication atmosphere also enough, culture level high of parents, suffers from work busy, didn't time and children for interactive communication; time free of parents is and missing communication approach, often is "thankless", and "kind do bad", also not formed parent-child communication of effective guide mode.

in order to explore effective methods, experimental primary school on the second zone (1) classes of 50 families for the evaluation, and track Guide. Subjects small Lynn, childhood parental divorce, lives along with his father. Once had a father drunk and beat her black and blue, little Linda school daze. Teacher father has invited 小琳 to school for training, a year after guiding small she slowly dares to raise their hands in class to answer questions. Li Rui and He Zhengli teachers is the children's counselors, by explaining how to understand parents ' nagging, the easier ten tips for communicating with parents and other books, the experimental students experience the method of how to communicate with their parents, begin to learn to understand parents ' efforts, the families of parent-child relationship has been tending to democratic peace.

improvements in parent-child relationships, parent-child work together, students ' learning efficiency is also improved, red picture of student days average time to complete homework assignments from 60 minutes to 30 minutes, accuracy improves 40%. Liu Yalin students study every day duration increased from 1 hour to 2 hours, to test attitude from fear to hope. Group analysis of the school, children from their parents ' parents, often in less than three weeks to make changes in the child.

with the guidance of the scientific concept of tracking

border and poor areas family education ideas, leading to family into misunderstanding. Yimen County women's Federation of tongchangxiang, small street town of 400 parents survey, tracking filter 6 different types of families, through door-to-door visits, and after careful conversation, scientific guidance of parents, the family family education, education has changed significantly. Farmer Liu Jianhui was one of the tracked object. In his view, teaching children reading, although not the only way, but want to have a bright future, not read a good book or not, his strong sense of family, but feel that their knowledge and ideas are hard to keep pace with the children, often by child challenged, let alone children. Under the guidance of teachers, he strengthened his knowledge of learning, particularly in respect of education theory, achieve the purpose of grow with the child. Yimen County women's League also caught the "family education publicity month" an opportunity to invite tongchangxiang "top ten family family" preaching representatives appeared to help guide parents special attention to family education, scientific knowledge of family education approaches.

Jianshui, 90% students from rural areas, minority students accounted for about 30%-40%. Low parental education, regional disparities, his xiangsu practices, which affect to a certain extent, affect the healthy development of the students. Research Group of the school of 120 students in senior parents conducted a questionnaire survey, found that family education parents expectations are too high, ignore the child's practical, lack of communication between parents and teachers. Surveys also show that nearly 85% parents urgently need "organized parent schools, run training courses for parents", many parents are aware of child's ideal and belief crisis, 60% said "moral education" is most important. Therefore, strengthening the science tutor training guide, so that more "natural parents" become "eligible parents". Meanwhile, family education should focus on morality and good character in the first place, parents must be "intellectually-nanny" to "moral tutor". Emotional Exchange is to educate parents and children a source of strength, to "Exchange of love with love", overcoming the "take much" thinking, through talk and reason, emphasis on listening, in an equal manner to understand children, so that parents and children communicate more smoothly.