Teachers in the eyes of the "second generation": products education as

In recent years, the "second generation" courses one after another. The born child holds the key to how to connect the class, their parents are most concerned about the issue. Parents send them to attend these courses, in order to make them better. Training courses training for what? Whether through training these children to successfully connect the class? Reporter several times before and after an in-depth investigation, attempts to reveal the real situation of a similar course as well as the "second generation" real ideas.

June 12, China Pudong cadres College of a between classroom in, taught teacher--Pudong cadres College Research Department teaching experiment and case development center implementation director Wang Shiquan, to leaders, and boss are told had countless times class, is also is first times encountered this situation: set Yu 9 o'clock in the morning started of "enterprise development and media relationship" class Shang, clockwise refers to had has 9 points, classroom in is only to has a students. He asked the class leader: otherwise, we do not have?

This is the Shanghai Jiao Tong University "built to last-the successor advanced training program" the second phase of the training, the plan aimed specifically at private enterprise "second generation" study for 138,000 yuan. Most students are "$literal" or even "after the" in a period of 1.5 years of study, including all kinds of theoretical studies, practice and study training, to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to inherit the family business.

the night before, head just 15 students in his class on the phone choose delegates, who, without exception, agreed. However, when you call again in the morning, it was, it was said to have been on the road, but not people.

9 points, and sparse to three or four people in the class, on the class as usual. To noon, and 1 student finds it necessary to leave. Scenario simulation classes this afternoon, leaving only 3 people, which also included a mother, instead of than's 16 year old son comes to class. So, originally scheduled for 21 participants, simulation of two press conferences, interview, 4 column 1 keynote speech, each student is assigned a role and mandate of the simulation class, due to too few people, plans to have a full programme of issues and only went fast, even with tutor fills the role that should be played by students.

in fact, the mock class, this is one additional initiated the students themselves on the table, is the 3-day intensive training in extra-day course. In order to meet their demands, including Deputy Director of the Center, Wu Ping's teachers spend a lot of effort, and nearly 8000 Yuan per capita costs. Unexpectedly, the students stand the teacher up.

education as a commodity

teacher Wu Ping took over the class, hit run. This is not the first time this has happened. In May, the school students to travel to Beijing for 3 days to Beijing, there are many students absent. Shift's teacher told her a year earlier, also appears to have this situation.

not long ago, the accident happened also came to teach the teacher-the original from the field, 12 midnight because of delays to reach Shanghai. Wu Ping had to contact other teachers through various channels throughout the night. Did not expect is that the next day was a few more students protest why don't they arbitrarily without consulting the teacher and refused to listen.

Wu Ping, the reason for this is that "second generation" as full product training courses, that now that I'm out of the money, you are going to serve us well, when I want to, and does not want to or not.

"some children were not learning, but to consolidate and broaden the network of resources, shared. "Another counselor, overseas education College of Shanghai Jiaotong University Creative Director Assistant Dai Mingchao said, some students is not listening, but more about people, some big-shot '. In his view, it is not completely wrong, but the get rich quick mentality, the "second generation" is not a good thing.

"second generation" and "generation" entrepreneurial gap

in the eyes of the modest, these "second generation" of contact with her "generation" entrepreneurs have great distances. When the class President before, there have been similar emergency replacement teachers, students in the class are the boss, President, understood at once.

usually, we all are punctual and trustworthy. A simple class, also came from the field, no one is absent. Some students socialize until three or four o'clock in the morning, the second heavy rain will still show up on time in the classroom. Once when she was ill, six or seven students in the class with flowers, fruit and went to see her, so she is quite moved.

"success is not really casual, life is too objective and do things to be successful. "Modest respect, when the class President, often by" generation "moved, shocked by the quality of the entrepreneurs.

Ping Wu believes that these "second generation" should learn father's entrepreneurial spirit. Education will suffer strokes, after the business to you, will face more and more difficulties and more complex things, they must learn to "generation" gas entrepreneur and mind, otherwise also cannot afford business.

the "second generation" of growth are still full of hope

However, wore Ming dynasty continued to promote the students ' growing tolerance and full of hope, "at their age and not do so well is quite normal, if can now be less tolerant and humble, it was amazing."

plans for each student individually to do ideological work of the Ming dynasty, in the third training course on the management of, he was determined to change the former modes, to re-establish discipline, strict implementation of the leave system or drop out of school.

at the lunch table, Ping Wu couldn't help expressing my own views, how many children did not say anything. "After the" Du Danni is younger in his class, was wearing one of the favorite student of the Ming dynasty, and later, she was actively looking for two teachers to communicate, admits that his ideas, that exists in the exchange of information asymmetry, and want to improve it.

Ping Wu also acknowledged that the students some of the complaints are justified, the course does have some where there is no promised, such as the teacher did not come, travel arrangements carefully enough. She would also like to be able to communicate through the efforts, enable the situation to improve.

"can't totally blame them. "The modest, this situation caused the children, the family environment is also to blame. Many parents dote on their children, and because of their too busy, no time for education, often threw to nanny, a housekeeper, and lead to the defects of personality and interpersonal.

"built to last no longer green, is not for you to decide. "In the course of class, Wang Shiquan said to the audience of students, many hundreds of years of foreign enterprises and domestic are few. Wang Shiquan warned them, "remember, you get rich parents because of reform and opening up, you get resources from the hands of others, Thanksgiving, back to society, to be a real entrepreneur. ”

Du Danni feel, this 3 day white, learn something. Good press conference opened in the morning or in the afternoon? If you are a "Guan Sheng yuan" and the "double sink" boss, how to deal with the crisis, actively spread? Press briefings, seminars on public relations, personal interviews, and ventilation what's the difference? During the course, which are one by one "literacy".

in a simulated interview, several children are also likely to be difficult and ask. Shanghai radio and TV stations under the direction of father Qin Chang, students bearing starting to learn: to put the arm on the table, not too forward or backward tilt of the body, body language communication with people around then is how to analyze and act according to circumstances, gave a witty answer ... ...

but Du Danni feel, and most importantly, he does have some unconscious sense of superiority, and in the interview, she began to empathy, "learned to really put yourself down, to realize something. ”