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French learning summary

Option one:

when we want something, we desire it immediately. Learning French is no exception. Americans like the effort. We have every reason to follow such a rule: "time is money. "Filled with tasks in the schedule, time is precious.  

Est-ce que tu parles francais? (do you speak French?) you will soon. Following recommendations can provide you with a few ideas to help your learning into your busy daily life in French.  

1.   To France travel  

made a trip to dream of Paris. This proposal may be a bit difficult to achieve, but the fastest way to learn French is to immerse yourself in the language environment. Sitting in a romantic CafĂ©, in the name of learning language conversation overheard a stranger. Walking in the streets of Paris, and talking to the locals. Soon you will be able to improve their French. As Neil Simon said: "let your mind a chance to wander in foreign language context. " 

2.   Movie night  

go to the local video store to buy a French or Netflix (online DVD rental service provider) on the lease. I recommend a few good films: Amelie, and starred by Johnny Depp of the Moka, also the dreamlife of angels, these are the international repute of French films. Sit back and enjoy a movie at home while training your ears and repeating what you heard in French. Near you'll connaîTre Les ficelles (you will realize its beauty). Opens subtitles and dubbing will hinder your French learning, so you have to control impulses, don't do it.  

3.  to explore your surroundings and make friends who speak French  

If you live in the metropolis, you can easily find the French colony. Seizing the opportunity, by recognizing France friends to practice French, experience France romance culture. Find local France restaurants France wine tasting party. In Internet search, read the local Bulletin Board, or go to a local university campus looking for language exchange opportunity. If possible, participate in an Exchange organization. You contact the France culture, the more and faster you will learn French, and in the process, you can also make friends. It really is Faire d'une Pierre deux coups  (two birds with one stone).  

sing French songs 4.   

online or in local record shops to buy some French songs CD. Read the lyrics, listen to the melody. Read the words with the music. Soon you will have a perfect French accent. But people might think you are crazy or dvenir dingue  (crazy).  

  to 5.  to make your life in French;

get a sticky, you label everything in the House. In the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even on your pet are filled with French labels. Your brain will be gradually to combine images and words, finally will be habit.  

6.  fun French learning  

a list for your favorite games and found them in French. Guide to read the French version of the game to play the game, until one day you will find that you have to keep in mind these French. Try France bingo, crossword games, games, games of family disputes, card games or computer games and soon you will be able to learn a lot of new phrases and vocabulary in French. When you are ready to face the real challenge, you can try France Cranium game or Scrabble.  

7.  reading a good book of French  

go to a local library or bookstore and look for books on topics that interest you. Following are some of the best-selling France fiction: Ian Fraser "Poursuite a Quebec"  Geores Perec "La Dispartition"  ,Stanely Appelbaum   "Introduction to &Nbsp;French Poetry: A Dual-Language Book. "at a quaint pub, bury yourself in a comfortable chair, a mini" France. "  

8.  TV  

TV does not like your parents have said will rot your brain. Satellite and cable TV stations to provide hundreds of channels, we can easily watch foreign television programs. In, France, and Belgium, and Switzerland and Canada news, quiz shows, sitcoms, dramas, documentaries. In the United States of popular crime scene investigation, 24 hour, ' band of brothers, ' Scrubs and a number of other TV series have the French version. Therefore, if you weren't too interested in cable TV, you can find something that you love to watch DVD. (Many DVD French language track, Oh! ) 

9. ...... How do you say in French? /Comment dit-on ____ en francais? 

not just to improve French learning phrases, you can also make your friends love you differently. French was billed as "the language of love." Try say Je t'aime (I'm in love with you), beginners can say Je t'adore  (I adore you). "The Pimsleur method" has great audio programs to meet the requirements of French learners at various levels. Trip or you can spare 10 minutes to listen to the CD. This audio-only program had a big advantage: it is you can do a few things.  

French   on the 10. ;

did you finally decide to take French courses? French lessons can guide you to learn according to plan. In French class, you have to speak French, make sure you spend a few hours a week totally immersed in the French language. Professor will correct your pronunciation and grammar.  

in order to Excel in class, you have to face.  

various language learning tool will help you, and soon you can speak French!  

you ready for learning French? Although there is so much to be determined on your agendas scheme, but only the French study is urgently needed, so start right now! Even to spend 10 minutes of exercise a day is enough to make your French by leaps and bounds! Key is persistence. Bonne chance!