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German language examinations details

, &Nbsp;DSH tests

DSH German language proficiency test in colleges and universities (Deutsche Sprachpruefung fuer den Hochschulzugang auslaendischer Studienbewerber), for those who want to go to Germany to study as well as foreigners, the most important exam of course count the German level test?? DSH. DSH formerly known as PNdS, in Germany, held twice a year, is in front of the school by the University or minority   schools have a special partnership organized language courses, pass the exam can usually be accessible throughout Germany. And the DSH examination usually only in Germany held, so many people to take the DSH exam, came to Germany, and most people in the country have attended 800 hours of German language training, but in the end it is because   does not pass the DSH exam (exam only twice) had to leave Germany. At present, China and Germany joint the DSH exam. Of colleges and universities in the country to offer DSH exam, for example: German Centre Beijing Polytechnic University, Zhejiang University Center of German, German Center of Tongji University,,  at Shanghai International Studies University, Beijing Foreign Studies University. Shanghai International Studies University in 2004, and Germany Karlsruhe Institute of technology in the school organized jointly by DSH exam (interested students can try it), and the Beijing Foreign Studies University and Germany Heidelberg DSH examination has been held several times, I think that a lot of people are   known. I believe that in the next few years, there will be more domestic universities and Germany DSH examination held in universities, we shall see!!!

Second, the  Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (TestDaF) exam

TestDaF examination is also known as "DAF" test, is a kind of German language examinations, the object is to study in Germany for the purpose of learning German in foreign or generally just want to prove their own German   language proficiency persons. TestDaF exam is divided into four parts: reading comprehension, listening comprehension,   written and oral communication. If your German level reaches the highest level TDN5 you in Germany will no longer have a language barrier, and your grade will be Germany's all University recognition. Germany's various colleges and universities have their own admissions criteria, you expected when you apply for admission to the school of   information on the TestDaF scores required, some college in Telford announced on its website on performance requirements. &Nbsp;TestDaF examination ("DAF" test) can be used to apply for a student visa. At present, only five universities in the country are eligible to hold TestDaF examinations, they are:

1 Beijing: Peking University test centre  

2. Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Studies University test centre  

3. the XI′an: XI′an University test centre  

4. Wuhan: Wuhan University test centre  

5. Guangzhou: Guangdong University of foreign studies Exam Center

If you want to understand the TestDaF exam details, you can visit website, on this site you can get the latest and most authoritative of the TestDaF examination information.

third, ZdaF (Zertifik at Deutsch als Fremdsprache ) exam

the pass can be obtained, "German Junior Certificate". Typically, this is application for Germany citizenship necessary for many university admission requirements, German required hours: 400~600. At present, only in the Beijing Branch of the Goethe Institute can be   to take the exam. Preliminary exam is a standardized examination recognized by the, for many agencies, it proves that already has a daily life and language ability of students, which has the level of preliminary English test .  (Preliminary English Test).   Two classes at the Beijing Branch of the Goethe Institute (840 hours) prepared for this exam, strengthening primary and secondary I classes begin with ZD III examination. In the case of possible non-Academy students can also participate in this exam, provided that by German 840 hours (oral)  , and to understand the exam. Primary exam certificate can be presented to candidates who have passed the exam, it proves that candidates have a solid basis for language skills. And junior German examination certificates is prerequisite for the intermediate class at the Beijing Branch of the Goethe Institute. In many cases, if Germany   a university admission, entry-level exam certificate is a prerequisite to participate in the DSH-class to get there.

Exam fee:,  primary candidates who at the Goethe-Institut exams:  275,

Goethe-Institut are not candidates, primary tests:  400

to more information, consult your Beijing Branch of the Goethe Institute.

four, ZMP  (Zentrale Mittelstufenpruefung) examination  

the pass can be obtained "German intermediate" certificate, this certificate, to prove that the holder has the participation in Germany German courses organised by a University in any capacity. In a few universities can take credit for the college entrance examination DSH . This test is suitable for those students who had German for 800~1000  hours. At present, only Goethe Institute in Beijing can take the exam. Intermediate exam is a standardized and for Germany the examination recognized by many universities and other institutions, its level is equivalent to intermediate English exams (Certificate in Advanced English). Students passed the intermediate exam can prove that he had been to Germany to continue learning languages. In the Beijing Branch of the Goethe Institute to study three semesters (1340 hours) are prepared for this exam, strengthen the middle class II/III to ZMP exam completion  . Intermediate exam certificates can show candidates who passed the exam, it will prove that you both in her daily life, or in occupations and social interactions are with a high level of German language. In many cases, the intermediate German language certificate is sufficient to enable you to participate successfully in Germany outside universities training   training, and Germany's University Foundation is no problem (directly from Germany's University Advisory). Many professional high school recognized it as enrolment of language qualifications. Intermediate exam certificate was successfully made Germany DSH language college preparatory classes and Germany Goethe Institutes in preparatory classes (for the   period of two months) a good premise. Achieved intermediate level German examination certificate or with the corresponding German language (placement test), also at the Goethe-Institut branch in Beijing attend the TestDaF preparatory course (100 hours) prerequisite.

Exam fee: Goethe-Institut in,  the intermediate examination of candidates:  400,

Goethe-Institut are not candidates, the intermediate examination:  550

to more information, consult your Beijing Branch of the Goethe Institute.

five,  ZOP  (Zentrale Oberstufenpruefung )   test

the pass can be obtained "German advanced" certificates, after obtaining this certificate, you can direct entrance exam DSH. This exam is suitable for those students who has more than 1200 hours. At present, only can take the exam the Goethe Institute in Beijing.

six,  Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom  (KDS)   test

this test is also known as "the German small diploma examination". If you have "senior German" certificate, considered himself German is not sure, then please take this exam. If you pass this exam, of course exam DSH directly to Germany University   acquisition. This exam is suitable for those who have more than 1200 units of students. At present, only can take the exams of the Goethe-Institut in Beijing Branch.

seven,  Grosses Deutsches Sprachdiplom  (GDS) exam

this test is also known as "German language diploma examination", the content of the study not only deep and difficult to. Therefore, the people who pass this exam are not many, many countries accepted it as a German language teacher qualification examination. If passed this test, then you can give foreigners   as a German teacher. This test is suitable for those who already have German scholars. Of course, people can pass this exam can also be direct entrance exam DSH. At present, only can take the exams of the Goethe-Institut in Beijing Branch.

eight,  Zertifikat Deutsch fuer den Beruf  (ZDfB) exam

this test is also known as "business German" test is a new examination, the examination is mainly for those who want to go Germany of foreigners working, the main content is a foreigner in Germany that you should have a basic knowledge of German while working. Required de   language than ZdaF hours? " German Junior Certificate "and less  . At present, has not been conducting the examinations, but with China's further opening to speed up, the exam may be held in China in the near future, we'll see.

nine,  Pruefung Wirtschaftsdeutsch international  (PWD) exam

this test is also called "business German" examination, but also a new test. Nothing? formal purposes, but for people who work in foreign trade, may help find work. After all, China's annual trade with the European Union to the   and 40% projects are with Germany. As a business language, German, is also popular in international trade transactions. Required to take this exam and  ZMP hours of German "German intermediate" almost  .

ten,   examinations for tourist guides in German

this exam is designed for those who want to be German-speaking tour guide are ready to participate in this test in many German students. And outline requirements, exam candidates must gain the German College junior majoring in German German,  candidates participating in the examination could pass the examination. Exam written and oral examinations, written part used to be nationwide, and will examine the four courses, now has been changed to two classes (determined in accordance with the situation in the province). Register for the German candidate still needs to conduct a field guide of the exam, and must use the German language. Gotta   Add this test in contact with local tour guide examination Center, I believe it will be satisfied with the answer.

11,   German University test (Hochschule Pruefung fuer 4 . Stufe)

this test is currently the only German language proficiency test in colleges and universities, held once a year, at the end of June, with other languages in the same day. (2003-exam on June 21 and 9:00), tests are written, there is currently no open   show interview. Exam difficulty the equivalent grade under the German syllabus at the University level. Generally has more than 250 units can go give it a try. Vocabulary required approximately 2400, basic grammar, with a certain degree of language proficiency. That common German language than German University CET CET   a certain authority, so the examination for German candidates should be first of all choose to attend a German University CET. German University test only for those who have the right to host the the exam of college students. Other candidates who want to participate in the exam, held in local German University CET College of the right  .

12, German University CET (Hochschule Pruefung fuer 6 . Stufe)

this examination is conducted only at Tongji University and recognized by the universities of Tongji University. For example: the University of Darmstadt, Bochum Ruhr University, Technical University of Berlin, the Technical University of Munich, the University of Konstanz. The exams requires candidates to master 3000 ~4000 a German base vocabulary.

about German CET:

a)   German six-level property: German six Tongji University German Department organized by the independent German test, the exams with the Department of education   sponsored national level 46, does not belong to four German examination system, in other words, the German six-level clearly more difficult than German levels a notch, but six is not the national level examination, was not generally recognized.

b)   time and place: late June each year, typically English 46 exam a week after Saturday's place at Tongji University.

c)   registration: General in April or May each year can sign up for, sign up for Huiwen building 522 German Department of Tongji University, in principle   requires more than 600 participation certificate, Tel 65981325, recommends that the prior call to ask.

d)   remedial classes before the exam: Tongji University will be held within one month before the examination targeted 46 class, listening, grammar, reading, writing, and other topics briefly explain and mock tests at a time. The class to become familiar with the test questions, or evoke German memories in the short term. Registration examinations and counselling application  , required to pay tuition.

(5)   took the exam: listening to bring their own radios and headsets, transmitting signals within the school, is very clear.

candidates who want to participate in the exam, please contact German Department of Tongji University.

13, national German professional manpower survey

the exam focuses on my   college student majoring in German at school, candidates can be obtained after the test certificate. Of course, every Member of the German professional candidates are required to pass the examination, it is also the premise of students get a Bachelor's degree in German. The examination by the National Steering Committee on foreign language teaching in colleges and universities (outside), German   test set of unified organization, and publish information. The test corresponds with the reference books? the outline of the German majors in colleges and universities (Shanghai foreign language education press). Candidates passed the exam (the German majors) are able to continue to participate in the German-speaking majors grade eight exam (formerly through professional   eight-level candidates who did not receive the corresponding certificate, is different now, candidate after passing the German eight-level certificates can be obtained). At present, the national German professional manpower survey conducted only in a German University. China recognized with German universities are:

, North of Peking University   College of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing second foreign language University, capital Normal University, Beijing foreign language teachers  , Beijing foreign languages School of international business and economics, Renmin University of China, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian Institute of foreign languages, University, Xian, Luoyang Institute of foreign languages, foreign language College

Xiangtan University, Wuhan University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Fudan University, East China Normal University, Shanghai International Studies University,  , Shanghai Polytechnic University, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of science and technology, Guangdong University of foreign studies, Sun Yat-sen University, Shandong University, Nanjing University, Nankai University, Sichuan foreign languages College.

non-German students if you want to learn more about the specific circumstances of the test in colleges and universities and cities with German professional German   links.

14, the postgraduate entrance exam

postgraduate entrance exam in German postgraduate entrance exam and the postgraduate entrance exam. Which also including equivalent graduate entrance German exam   (requirements candidates master 4,000 a German based vocabulary) and General University graduate entrance German exam, both are is for non-German professional science and engineering class wants to participate in postgraduate entrance exam of students and specifically set of, just participate in equivalent exam of candidates most is on-the-job personnel, and participate in general high   school graduate entrance German exam of candidates more for fresh undergraduate. In fact, the annual science and engineering graduate school entrance exam exam parts are not just in English, including German, Japanese, Russian, but not many candidates participate in the minority language. While the former focused on college students of German  . Entrance exam syllabus, item type, method, candidates are asked what you want to apply for colleges and universities, in order to obtain a satisfactory answer.

15, national professional titles in German level test

this exam focuses on those who   need of professional and technical personnel in professional positions, national title German level test is divided into a, b, c three grades, each grade of staff applied are as follows (senior, intermediate technology means high professional and technical positions, mid-level professional and technical positions):

(a) a level (3000 words requirements) < BR>1, higher education, scientific research, health, engineering, agricultural systems to declare high;

2, may apply for senior international business division;

3, the other series of declarations is high.

(b) class b (4000 words requirements)

1, engineering, agriculture, County Health series (  County) following a staff member claiming a senior;

2, higher education, scientific research, health, engineering, and agriculture series Declaration of intermediate;

senior translation series 3, declared a second foreign language;

4, the high non-Deputy series (not including engineering series) reporting high; others declared Deputy High. ≪ BR> (c) class c (5500 words requirements)

1, in addition to translation series, declared the high second language;

translation series Declaration of intermediate 2, the second foreign language;

series 3, engineering, agriculture, health in the County (County) following a staff member claiming a middle;

4 , other series report intermediate.

If you want more details, candidates can contact your local personnel examination Center will be satisfied with the answer.

16, the national German proficiency test (NTD)

WSK tests the examination is the national language proficiency test   one of the exams requires candidates to have 6000 German basic vocabulary, books appropriate to the examination of the national German level test (Handbook of German basic vocabulary)   Beijing language and Culture University Press. WSK tests are set up to detect level of non-professional foreign languages, which is mainly used for selecting medical personnel abroad, also used in the evaluation of professional titles or other purposes, hiring foreign language talents.   The test established by the State Education Commission, implemented by the State Education Commission examination centre.   Exam other than to take a written test, and those who pass the written examination will be required to attend an oral examination, oral examination before they can apply for "national German proficiency test certificate".   German language test (NTD) since 1994, will also be Germany Embassy to China as in Germany the German student visa basis.

German (NTD) test sites currently located at:

Beijing language and Culture University  010-82303550

Shanghai International Studies University  021-65422002

Guangdong University of foreign    020-86627595-2318

If you want to know more information, please contact these three universities.

17, the national industry and Commerce alternative personnel abroad and training foreign language proficiency test (BFT)

this test is for the selection of business   enterprises, public institutions and economic administrative departments of overseas training, fellows, these departments established at the level of foreign language examinations, English, Japanese, Russian, German, four languages. The test established by the State Bureau of foreign experts, organized by the China Association for international exchange of personnel training department implementation. Examination by the   the training Department to "industry and Commerce alternative personnel abroad and training foreign language proficiency test (BFT) certification". This certificate can be used single country basis for training of foreign language proficiency, can also be used in the evaluation of professional titles. National business training options for staff abroad foreign language level test (BFT) test   test exams are in four languages for written and oral examinations, exam results with a maximum 200 points, written 150 minutes, oral examination, 50 minutes. Test score was 90-119 minutes, to the intermediate certificate, can be used to assess intermediate technical titles, score of 120-149 minutes, senior   certificate can be used for evaluation of senior technical titles, score of 150-200 points, to Super (Overseas) certificate that can be used to apply to training and retraining.

If you want more details, candidates can contact your local personnel examination Center will be satisfied with the answer.

< B> 18, German translation of professional qualifications (level) examination

the examination is about to launch, it is designed to adapt to the Socialist market economy and China's accession to the World Trade Organization set. After passing the examination of candidates will be issued by the Ministry of personnel uniform printed with a printing of the   People's Republic of China translation profession qualification (level) certificate. The certificate is valid throughout the country. This exam is a new test, with interest and a certain translation of the German people can try. Of course, the exams difficult, mainly for those with professional people. If you want to know the specific situation   condition, consult your local Exam Center.

in addition, Germany more credible examinations are organized by the Goethe-Institut in German, including General German exam, there are career-oriented German language exam. In addition, a number of training institutions in the training of their students after the   to some extent German test, pass, students also will get the appropriate German certificate. Einstufungstest (pre-entrance examination), it is in Germany must participate in the pre-university examination only after this examination, to officially enter Germany   TI General learning.

Notes: on I personal think, as one German beginners, should from most simple of University German four level exam, and ZdaF ("German primary certificate") began test up, and other German exam are is for those has better German based of candidates  , beginners not should blind participate in exam, by participate in of exam must to established in himself force (strength) by can and the of based Shang. Of course, solid German Foundation is the key to get good grades and certificates.