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How to learn Korean

"How to learn Korean? "The topic is too big, because each person's basis is different, everyone's learning methods are different. But one thing is the same, is that everyone should learn the content is the same, everybody will start from the letter, then the words, grammar.

first talk about methods of learning problems. When I first came into contact with Korean people would think it sounds a bit awkward, especially the pronunciation of certain consonants, and radio. Many people feel that the pronunciation is hard because our brain is greatly influenced by Chinese, leading to exposure to a language other than text is not used. Therefore, we have to start from scratch learning readiness, certain issues (such as sound) without any special reason, when the young language (more than 600 years, is still relatively young compared to other language) became popular in the Korean peninsula, on the logic of grammar is not very important.

for beginners, start to do is accept the language, accept the substantially different in Korean and Chinese. Novices should be how to do? The old saying goes, master lead door, practice on their own. When we had zero Korean just when we need a lead you into the world of Korean. So, I often advise beginners to participate in training, not self-study. When we had some self-study is not late, it was a difficult start, a good start is very important.

when I started learning, we should read more, by reading and writing--that can read and write together, and is very useful for understanding phonetic nature of Korean. Called phonetic Word is able to read and write, can write to read. Not by spelling word about memory first of all make sure to put all the consonant and vowel spelling and pronunciation of mug, this is the most basic and most important. Then, after seeing a word read out on the line. That is, if familiar consonants/vowels, pronunciation rules, even not awareness of words also can read out (despite may not know is what mean), then by pronunciation memory words .  and not by spelling memory words,  this and English is completely not as of. do cannot by spelling way memory words,  This is a errors .  memory words of process should is: pronunciation-> understanding meaning-> Memory in can right to read of situation Xia to memory. actually English to has must degree Hou is through pronunciation to memory words of, and not simple of by letters combination memory. remember pronunciation to than remember shape to easy. from this is Shang foot can description Korean to than Chinese easy learn, because Chinese both remember word of shape (spelling) while also to remember sound (including tone) .  and Korean, as long as you familiar has consonants/vowels and pronunciation rules,  On the question of how to pronounce this word does not exist. so,  When you get to a certain level,  If you want to ask, "How do you pronounce this word?" It means you have a learning problem, familiar with the pronunciation rules there will be no words that could not be read.

General,  characteristics of the Korean language is described on  [can read it can spell out can spell out is bound to be able to read it],  never had Korean anti-Chinese can't pronounce the word . , [can read it but not necessarily spell spell,  but may not read] this is the difference between the two languages.

key issues of learning Korean

many people have asked my Korean is the most important thing is the pronunciation and vocabulary or something. In fact, the most important is to stick ... learning a language is a long-term project, we all know that once you stop learning a foreign language (or uses) will gradually forget. If you can't stick to it,  had learned the basis of likely to remember much. so the most important thing is to keep on learning.

How soon can learn fluent communication, understand each other's speech?

learning foreign languages is a long-term process, not by leaps and bounds within a short time. We had learned English for 10 years may not be able to speak fluently, understands. So do not get rich quick idea, study for at least six months or more in a row to be harvested. If you want to achieve can understand some fluent in saying a few words, you typically need to keep learning about 1. Maybe some people feel that 1 year is very long, but for learning a foreign language, one year is not long. Korean word structure all the Korean word is A+B or A+B+C structures, where the A= consonant, vowel B=, C= radio (Syllable CODA) writes when write consonant first, then write vowels, and wrote radio. Written order is left to right, later on. Compared to Chinese, Korean without stroke problem (because the letter is very simple, not complex sequence of strokes). Korean writing is very simple.

the shortest way to learn Korean

I personally think that learning a foreign language there is no easy way, if there is a shortcut that is to go to Korea, but this isn't very realistic for most people. When it comes to short cuts, reminded me of 1998 was all the rage of the learning revolution book, really can be called one, but looking back it was just a book, maybe the views expressed in the book new and viable, but not revolutionize our learning. Personally think that this book can be regarded as a successful business plan. Again in recent years, there are also some similar examples, such as who moved my cheese, the rich dad, poor dad series, are successful businesses. These books may have something for us, but I know I'm not rich, not because I didn't read the book. The same way we learn not because there are no shortcuts. Therefore, I do not intend to use "shortcuts" to describe the study, we investigate the focus should be on the right way.

Korea language is a relatively simple language, simple phonetic Word, unlike Chinese and English, it needs a system to indicate the pronunciation of a word (pinyin, and IPA). So, can accurately understand and grasp the letters and radio (Syllable CODA) pronunciation is essential. Should be fully aware of every note, but clearly the pronunciation of the consonant and vowel combination, when radio sounds. After you master these, go back a lot of words to learn grammar, this is a very natural process. Also of note is that Korean is different from Chinese, Korean word basically has no special meaning, these words represent a particular sound. Typically, these words together will become a Word and meaning. For example, [오이] The word-cucumber, 오,이 and cucumbers have no relationship, the first does not mean that "yellow", the second word does not mean "melon", and only when they were grouped together to represent a word-cucumber.

there is not much to learn Korea teaching materials, this site recommended "standard Korea language" materials on the market, nothing could be more suitable for self-study book (community provides standard Korea language 1-3 e-book +MP3). (Just getting started and don't want to spend money buying textbooks can download)

amateur's goals and learning methods, generally speaking, insist on, quantitative to qualitative changes.

one is listening every 20-30 minutes of the tape;

Second, mimicking the opening, 10 minutes a day, remember that 5 sentences, and the next day to speak out;

third, vocabulary building, and 5 to 10 a day, look back review;

four flexible sentences, learn grammar purposes, to write diaries and ten words to practice;

five, more exposure to Korean songs, drama, and more about Korea culture and political and economic news, prepared the dictionary at any time;

six, must enter the Korea communication of people circle practice and language, speak out and you win, that is your target values.

Korea-teach or teach in Ah?

combination the best in China and abroad. Han Jiao can overcome you and Korea population first language an opening, correct your pronunciation, teach can tell you to learn secrets, teacher experience eliminates much of the exploration and understanding, explanation taught in grammar in General is clear!

How should beginners get started?

for many beginners,  how to get started with is the most important issue. Korean has many books can refer to, but never talked about how to get started with problems in the book.

according to I taught Korean of experience,  for early scholars, most important of is to familiar vowels/consonants of pronunciation and radio (Syllable CODA) of read method. which vowels and consonants to reel,  This is learning Korean of cornerstone .  and radio, to master of not each radio of read method,  but to master they in a Korean word in of read method, this is most fundamental of problem.

when these most basic mastering the future,  natural will have to face the endless grammar. I started from the academic point of view grammar,  grammar itself is boring,  KPT but for exam, go to Korea for people studying this process may be inevitable.

I now to said of is,  just syntax cannot representative a language. language of vitality also is language of using .  just taught syntax apparently will reduced students of enthusiasm. so I think from practical of angle learning Korean more has meaning and efficiency .  so-called from practical angle learning, is more attention actual dialogue of capacity,  after all many people learn Korean is to Exchange. learn again more of syntax,  not with is white learn.   Korean can't go way of learning English, examinations are not the only aim of,  is not the ultimate goal

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