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Primary stage of learning German

we asked a number of experts and teachers of German, what are primary stage of learning German should be aware of the problem. We got the unanimous answer was: German voice. Indeed, any foreign language learning, the key is to have a good voice as a basis. Imagine a student has a rich vocabulary and skills   knowledge of grammar, but not spoken, this is really sad. We admitted that in Germany many of the Chinese students, very few people really good German voice. In order to make this a German beginners practicing German voice in the shortest time, our Web site has been produced in this period----tapping   g German voice through  

1. ; on "r" sound  

the "r" in German   sound every German beginners first encountered trouble. Believe there are about "r" personal experience on pronunciation, but every beginning is difficult, as long as you have the essentials, plus a period of hard work, there must be improved. German bridge you are the method, results or not remains to be seen under the personal   of Kung Fu are in place! The "r" sound distinction between retroflex and uvular sound, we stand for beginners to practice small tongue, because in the eyes of the Germans the uvular sound more elegant, in fact, does not matter. Practice of "r" method are: getting up in the morning when brushing your teeth, mouth with a SIP of water, looking   the first water stop between the uvula and throat, vocal vibration shook the water, feeling the uvular vibration for success, or come back again. Such repeated practice for half a month, every 5 minutes, until no water or vibration until the uvula. If it still doesn't work, uvula tone or your own feelings impossible, don't worry! Please   you use the following approaches: in everyday conversation of the Germans did not put great emphasis on the "r" sound, and sometimes just in passing, we suggest you can use two methods to replace it. One was the "h" sound and vibrating vocal cords; the other is, "goose" sound best vibrating the vocal cords. No matter which one you choose   sound way, attention must be fast! You get used to it OK, take it!  

&nbs p;2.  on the "ch" and "Sch" pronunciation difference  

;  "ch" sound is a light tone, to make this sound when not rolled up, under the tongue, slightly against the lower teeth back by gas accent voice vibrating vocal cords. Sound like Chinese issued in the "wash".   "Sch" sounds   "ch" is different from "Sch" when rolled up, tongue up and vacant, is gas sound sound not vibrating vocal cords. Pronunciation of similar Chinese "Yes".  

&nb sp; 3.  careful not to yourself all Argle  

this problem often occurs among Chinese students, because we are far from the mother tongue and German, no reference, so many times when we speak German exclusively with  . Plus most of pronunciation of German words can be read out directly, but bad for beginners, to know the rules of pronunciation of, the key is to send each phoneme is in place. As in German "gut" is behind the light tone "t", and many of the students read the words not conscious adds a   all Argle "e", who became the "Gute". It was all caused by the habit, and understand pronunciation rules. There are many such examples, such as "Schlecht", "arbeitet", and so on. Sino-German bridge sincerely remind you: make sure each word correctly   sound, don't let habit harm to himself!  

  4.  on foreign words;

referred to as top German   language most pronunciations of words can be read out directly, but some foreign words are the exception. German beginners must recognize which are foreign words, which is a German word, not always according to the rules. Relatively new loanwords in particular, must not be read wrong, so as to avoid the joke. Such as the popular " Internet" and "surfen", "Vitamin", and so on, is based on the pronunciation of English to. Bridge to suggest that people in China and Germany: a lot of summary, find the differences!  

today, we mainly talk about basic questions of German speech, her as the "primary stage of learning German" begins, we will arrange for you other relevant German   basics topics, I hope you can gain. Your progress is best for Sino-German bridge support! I wish you success!