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Teach you how to learn Korean

Pronunciation difficulties lies in its sound changes much, it's hard to hit. Recommended that beginners not only stick in front of the computer to listen to sounds on the Web site or the old way-tape and video machines. (Tape Edition of pronunciation is clear, the Orthodox. ) To learn a foreign language, repetition is the most appropriate, the most conservative instruments. (To buy brand-name!) Listen to follow, so compared to correct the pronunciation and accurate and rapid learning pronunciation. This is my experience of it, had just started learning Korean pronunciation is a big problem for me. Alphabet, pronunciation, and how can we go back? As soon as I'm free to go back and turn left, also the same as the blind back a forgotten one, often confused, a headache. Later on, I will not go back, but to study the word. See give it chunks of letters of a Word and pronunciation of the letters spell out the pronunciations of words, so that for a long time, not only letters and letter sounds without backs, will be able to know, and can be immediately read out a variety of complex sentences. It works. &Nbsp;

second problem is I still haunt the grammar. End of Korean word really is dead, just giddy. Don't let it frighten, although I now have a headache, but how many touch points the way, enough for the beginner to refer. To buy this book, don't rely on the computer. Is learning to understand on a Web site used to consolidate and correct, cannot rely on it to learn. Similar to the beginning of Korean, the summary of the easy way to learn Korean and practical book is perfect for you to get started. (Note also that the original, print quality is very good, without errors. Usually with tape. ) This book mentioned on the book grammar and record end end all categories on my notebook. Go back to reading the list of articles, analysis of a sentence. See endings found on the notebook as soon as the end of a record. Because the final tap-in the end of a statement, question, exclamation, after the total sentence, so is not very difficult to remember. For a long time, the impression will very slowly without the back, sees a pattern knows right away what kind of ending, also by looking at the word weilai translated sentences.  

as for oral, or am I saying-the crazy Korean! Whenever you see, wherever you go, Miss read, shout out, don't be afraid to joke (and no one will laugh at you, would anyone admire you! )。 Read more, speaking was all natural. So you and Korea to communicate when to show your talent for languages! very proud, and will give you a working opportunity! 

third a problem is Korean in the of respect language part, this is we Chinese most difficult learn of a part, because Chinese among of respect language common of very less, I can remember of also on a "you" Word, on are can instead of has! but Korean in the respect language of grammar very of cumbersome, but, you also don't too impatient, because, through working internship, you on will think immediately has quality of changes! 

Korea Hou, about one or two friends can walk around and say whatever I see, so that it will be helping to improve Korean. If any problems encountered in the process of learning Korean, can tell you, I can help you! 

just have patience, persistence, and hard practice, and good Korean can still slip out of your mouth out!  

finally remark that "just work hard enough, hoe into a needle"!