Shenyang tutor

The simple pronunciation of French letter e

E pronunciation is really too much trouble, I said he could remember the pronunciation rules of

1.  [a] sound  e in both mm before [a] sound    femme

2.  [ε] sound  1)   è and ¨º in Word [ε] sound   as p è re,  ¨º Tre

2)  e sent in a closed syllable [ε] sound   BEC  (syllables ending in consonants are called closed syllables)

3)  e in front of two identical consonants [ε] sound   Belle  (does not include the case in front of a mm)

4)  -et,-ect,-¨º t letter combinations in the final while [ε] sound   like Paquet, aspect,for ¨º t

5) also made by  EI letters in the word [ε] sound   as neige

3.  [e] sound  1)   e in the word forever [e] sound     é t é

2)  -er,-ez  letter combinations in the final [e] sound    aimer, Chez

3)  -es single-syllable suffix [e] sound   like  mes,des,ses  (only one vowel syllables called Mono verses)

4)  DESC-,DESS-,ESS-,EFF-, at the time of initial, letter e [e] sound   descendre,dessin,Essai,effort

4.  [ә] Sound  1)  e in in the first syllable of words [ә] Audio    venir, menu

2)  e  one-syllable suffix [ә] Audio    CE, te, de

3)   "auxiliary auxiliary auxiliary e" letter e [ә] Sound   as Entreprise, gouvernement  (where "secondary" refers to the consonant phonemes, rather than a consonant)

5.  silent  1)  e at the end of the word is generally not pronounced (except in monosyllabic Word)    Tante, Bonne

2)   "auxiliary e Fu Yuan" in the letter e is not pronounced    avenue  (where "secondary" also refers to the vowel or consonant phonemes, not letters)

3)  e before the vowel is usually not pronounced    mangeant, Jeanne