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Tips for learning French

1,   learn speech, laying the Foundation.

user message to ask "strange, I bought no phonetic in French words on the book, what should I do? "One--human thought, God will laugh at. In fact, the pronunciation of the French word only in the dictionary have completely marking; why? Because French of pronunciation is has rules of, you on French slightly contact on will found, French difference Yu English most intuitive of place is in some letters above will some notes (accent), such as "  é  ,  à  " like of, this actually is used to determine letters pronunciation of, all with notes of letters pronunciation are is only of, for other not with notes of letters, its pronunciation will for in words in the location of different and different, But is also a fixed rule, using rules can spell Hanyu Pinyin-like to pronounce French words. So, mastered the pronunciation of French rule, French spelling is resolved. Even if you didn't know, a one-word article, you can also do not depend on any other help to read it.

problems during the study:  

①   tone to prevent English read French, French with grace, dignity, and not a diphthong, retroflex don't like English "frivolous."  

②   avoid the effect of dialect. Such as  n ; l  without distinction.

during the study recommended method:  

①   have the best teachers, easy to correct tone, assuming, of course, to find a good teacher.  

②   can see several French films, listening to French music, French radio, don't know no relationship, the key is to create an atmosphere, let your subconscious to the French pronunciation, intonation, "feel", not too far from voice.

2,   Chinese and foreign teaching materials   and parallel

problems in the textbook selection and use:

①   authoritative and popular textbooks as far as possible. Both for pure you learn French and make it easy for you to communicate with others on the Internet, learning material too much, it's hard to find "friends".  

②   and don't demand too much of the principle. Good teaching materials, a Chinese, French original enough, the rest of the can, at best, as a reference, not an average.

selection of common teaching material


①   English: the French (Ma Xiaohong)-General textbook for students of French, (4 volumes), generally fans at the end of the first two books.  

②   Chinese: a concise course in French--English-speaking students two General textbooks, course materials.  

③   English:--  French lovers of the public French teaching materials.

original French:  

①  ----the Reflets the best French textbook, using video teaching, pure and easy, practical, and featured  

II   of the new borderless French---well, but will be replaced by the Reflets

3,   interest   stick

"interest is the best teacher", is a very interesting thing to learn a language, she is very easy to have a sense of achievement, especially in the Internet age. Don't know anything about French, simple greetings in French on the QQ, slowly developing into the community made several French posts, movies begin to understand some of the phrases, feel when listening to French music is not limited to the melody. Both felt their progress, and make friends, so why not!

due to personality of differences and learning purpose different, French learning in the will often appeared some "halfway" of phenomenon, like French courses people more to last came students more less; actually, I think this are is normal of, if no what special of pressure, like to exam, and to interview like of, didn't want to learn of when, can stopped a stopped, certainly, here best don't and French completely isolated can listening to listening to French song, see movie like of, can let French in himself of consciousness in has accumulation, again learn have when also easy. Of course to really learn French is "persistent" learned some time and felt that the phenomenon is unlikely to improve everyone, this should be the law of learning anything it, overcoming the past, also "turn".

4,   listen back to constantly recite   lips

the easiest way to learn a language is to listen to go back, and much of what is fixed, just bring it back some frequently used sentences and practical essays, learned to sing a lovely French songs are a good idea.

5,   real   have a doubt, ask

the Internet age, information is extremely easy to transport. Sometimes headstrong days for beginners to question College Online ask questions in a timely manner, to find a "teacher" or "student", can be solved with a few words, when people will have more choice