Shenyang tutor

Tips for learning Korean

Each base is different, everyone's learning methods are different. But one thing is the same, is that everyone should learn the content is the same, everyone starts with the letters, then words, and grammar. Shanghai amateur College a lot in this area, close to home, learning a language should adhere.  

first talk about methods of learning problems. When I first came into contact with Korean people would think it sounds a bit awkward, especially the pronunciation of certain consonants, and radio.   Many people think pronunciation difficult because our brain is greatly influenced by Chinese, leading to exposure to a language other than text is not used.   So we have to start from scratch learning readiness, certain issues (such as sound) without any special reason, when the young language (more than 600 years, is still relatively young compared to other language) became popular in the Korean peninsula, on the logic of grammar is not very important. For beginners, start to do is accept the language, accept the substantially different in Korean and Chinese.  

novices should be how to do? The old saying goes, master lead door, practice on their own. When we had zero Korean just when we need a lead you into the world of Korean. So, I often advise beginners to participate in training, not self-study. When we had some self-study is not late, it was a difficult start, a good start is very important. When I started learning, we should read more, by reading and writing--that can read and write together, and is very useful for understanding phonetic nature of Korean. Called phonetic Word is able to read and write, can write to read.  

not by spelling word about memory  

first of all, make sure to put all of the consonants and vowels of spelling and pronunciation   mug .  This is the most basic and most important ...  

then, after seeing a word pronounced it .  that is,  If you are familiar with the consonant/vowel pronunciation rules such as,  even unknown words can be read out (although you may not know what that means),  and then by the pronunciation of words .  instead of spelling words,  and English is totally different ...  

do not rely on spell words,  This is a misunderstanding.  

process of memorizing words should be:  

->-> memory   understanding the meaning of pronunciation;

are able to correctly read the situation can remember .  pronunciation of English to a certain extent also by actually remembered the words of,  rather than simple combinations of letters to remember. remember sounds easier than the mind shapes.  

instructions from this point enough Korean to be easier to learn than Chinese,  because in Chinese it is necessary to remember the word shape (spelling) but also to remember the sound (including tone) .  Korean,  as long as you are familiar with the consonants/vowels and pronunciation rules,  on the question of how to pronounce this word does not exist.  

so,  When you get to a certain level,  If you want to ask, "How do you pronounce this word?"   That you issue,  familiar with the learning of pronunciation rules would not have read the words ...  

General,  characteristics of the Korean language is described on  [can read can spell spell;  will read],  never had Korean can't pronounce words.  

looking back at Chinese,  [can read but not necessarily spell spell,  but may not read]