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To teach you a little French

French than English, however, if you unlock will also learn interesting, interesting French language is only one of the following  

a revelation to help memory. As for the pronunciation in parts, do not imitate, so as not to go astray.  

ordinarily no relationship between the French and Chinese, but I'm always a little skeptical: people in Beijing so that "good" French,  "good"  

Send "stick" sound (Bon). Chinese say "too", French say "too" Chinese "great" French model  

to say "amazing" (tr è s Bon), it is surprising. French "yesterday" is hier,  "night"  

sound, my hometown area, Shijiazhuang, Hebei (parts of the outskirts) tube yesterday called "night." Is there a  


remember easier to contact the French and Chinese. Here is my invention interesting shorthand of the French word:  

1,  hungry do? Dinner then. So French "hungry" to read "food" (Faim);  

2,  "I'm hungry"? Hot meal to eat. So in French, "I am hungry" read "hot meal" (j'ai Faim);  

3,  water is the most easily missed, French "water" to read "leakage" (l'eau);  

4,  a locals favorite dessert, black mission, we felt ugly and horrible, some Chinese say  

like horse manure. You are so clever, French pastries called this "horse manure" (muffin), was a veritable;  

5,  certainly not worthy of the French "pain" do not call "pain", and "numb" (MAL),  

6,  to "sick" do not call "sick",  called "spicy" (malade);  

7,  hot stripping off a man slim, French "hot" called "thin" (chaud);  

8,  in the supermarket a few words in mind, such as milk, milk of Chinese people know here have no taste, because the good  

withdraw everything cheese went, the rest in frond of milk they sell, is it depends on it. Yes, French  

"milk" is called "passing the buck" (Lait);  

9,  but the chicken here is fine, cheap and fresh, not bad. You said it, French "chicken" is called "good"  


10,  you have to look at the black and white, Robinhood Five Roses cards will be dark, so French " 

"it is called" black "(Farine);  

buy oil you got to colors and clear and not 11, , what color is green and yellow, French "oil"   is "green" ( 


12,  buy bread sticks see the paper bag is full bread sticks, don't be half a French "pastries"   It is called "half"  


13,  in Sears clothing store, rabai 20 written a beautiful coat, 20 of them write big, don't you think that this  

coats sold for 20 blocks, meaning little rabai is on sale, price is 400. 400 blocks of 20 cheaper ( 

and 400 from 350 up until maybe), this reduction is not nonsense. Again the French "deduction" of  

read "nonsense", but "blind" according to Sichuan, Shaanxi people's idea of "huh" sound, (rabai);  

14,  are not nonsense, and parts of the French name of the man, such as on top of the body most, French  

it is called "wear", may mean the same as hats, (t ¨º TE);  

15,  We feel that slow moving of the local officer, in French "hands" just say "slow", (main);  

16,  of walking down their prime Prime, French "feet" to read "Prime"; (PIED);  

17,  with descriptions of off. Such as a person's nose, in the face of the outermost, can read French but "inside" ( 


18,  French swearing. Left, the French called "shit"   (Gauche), nightmares, and French called "shit MOM"   ( 

cauchemar); dentists here is technology is not high crimes but not die, French dentists call "dead in the local"  


temporary thought so much to share.  


this war is only two days turned on the TV, there are a few familiar French word:  

1. "War" is called "lid" (La guerre), not 50 years ago, the play was called "pulling the strings".  

2. "The tank" called "kill" (char); not to kill it.  

3. "Bombs" called "jump" (Bombe) but blown dirt jumping.  

4. United States bomber called "pop Dad", (Bombardier). bomber, is Daddy Bush jumping or Saddam's old  

dad jumping.  

5. "Fighting" is called "tapping"   (combat); Yes, security call to battle.  

6. "The army" called "spice"   (l'arm é); a hot chick Jessica on behalf of United States armed forces.

7. The "Battleship" is called "Croton"   (Bateau); is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, what everyone knows.  

8. "Bullet" is called "scar formation."   (BALLE); a shot left a scar.  

(to be continued)  

when we work in a small African country of Mauritania, in the work of the Chinese saying: "ICI,l à-BA, comm 

e &a, traveled to Mauritania ". Now you say I remember them already, that you can say is "go far  

not afraid. " (Note: ICI:; l à-BA:; comme &a: do what I do, that's all. )   (Captains  



10 of the most important French verbs (a)  


faire  position of the word in French is very important, in short, is the Chinese "to do", in the outline of the good it can pull out  

territory control most of the verbs.  

faire  there are ten common classical meaning:  

1。 "Done,":faire un travail  a job  

faire une guerre  war   war;

a dance faire une danse   

faire un voyage  travel  

2. "production development":faire une machine  manufacture a machine   (you can also use Fabriquer)  

faire le pain en vapeur  steamed  

L'abeille fait du miel.  bee honey, and  

faire une loi  the development of a legal   (you can also use etablir)  

3. the "learning": faire mes etudes a l'Universite de Beijing 

I go to school in North  

faire un metier  in a line  

faire de la medecine  medical  

faire l'ecole normale  in Normal University  

4. "finishing up":faire une chambre  room  

faire un lit  bed  

faire les chaussures  shoe  

faire la barbe  shave  

5. "culture, creating": Il a fait beaucoup de bons eleves. 

he developed a lot of good students.  

6. "the play, act as": Kongli fait une paysanne dans le film. 

Gong Li plays a village girl.  

faire le fou  fool  

faire genereux  filling and generous  

La salle de Qianqinggong a fait chambre 

a coucher de l'Empereur. 

Heavenly Palace serves as the Emperor's bedchamber.  

7. "appears, showing the":Elle fait jeune pour son age.  she looks young.  

faire les yeux doux  showing a gentle eye  

8. "composition, composition": Un et un font deux. 1+1=2 

Un metre fait cent centimetres. 

one meter is equal to 100 cm.  

Une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps. 

[proverbs] solitary swallow doesn't make a spring.  

Cela ne fait pas assez.  that is not enough.  

9. "pricing, value": Combien faites-vous de cette etoffe? 

how much money this material?  

Combien fait-t-il? ----Ca fait 10 yuans. 

how much does it cost money? &Nbsp;----10 block.  

10. "the size, capacity,":Quelle taille faits-tu?  how tall are you?  

Cette colonne fait 10 m.  This post 10 meters high.  

girl   fly  fille ...   Don't blame the boys incompetent  

T*M*D*  buy drink Merde ... Drink the saliva   call  

Hello   bungy Bonjour 

HI  is killing the donkey salut 

goodbye   frog  au revoir