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Widespread in French

3000-6000 languages and dialects in use in the world today, French only English, second place was a foreign language. This special status does not depend on the address number (fewer French-speaking Mandarin, English, Hindi, Spain, Arabic, Russian, Portugal language, Bengali and Japanese number), and depending on the historical, cultural and geo-political factors. For historical reasons, French General in five continents. Non-colonial of zhihou, French into has emerging African national of official language, on these national for, French is a media language, it is international Shang widely application of a language: it is United Nations of official language and voucher party, and and English as, in some international organization in the enjoys special of status, it greatly beyond French national "Club" of range, is many national of diplomatic language. Apart from English, French is the only foreign language professor in almost all countries of the world: 250,000 foreign teachers (not including France education network of teachers or other French-speaking countries abroad) devoted to French-language education, teach students about 25 million.  

French-speaking population is estimated at around 120 million. Such as district, 67 million people speak French in Europe, 28 million people in Africa South of the Sahara desert area, Maghreb country of 13 million people, 11 million people in the Americas, there are 2 million people in Asia, Oceania, 100,000 people.  

French teaching   in the world;

as French and English, is a Professor of almost all countries in one of the few languages, it is also the language of instruction in 33 countries. (English is the language of instruction in 63 countries). Number of people learning French in the world, all levels are added together, about 80 million to 100 million. To teach in French as the medium of 200,000 teachers, as there are 250,000 teachers of foreign language teaching.   This type of teaching is basically local institutions, but there is also a distribution outside the authentic France education network.  

France is the world's largest cultural network of the country, especially in education. The network has trainers and the languages Commissioner, belonging to approximately 150 languages Office, no foreign all of France school, institutes and cultural centres (about 500 accepted 170,000 students), and non-denominational schools and thousands of cultural associations (300,000 students).