Charge standard

★ primary "language, mathematics, English, math"   30 yuan per hour   (College students)    40 Yuan per hour   (the majors)    50 Yuan per hour   (University   the majors)   

★ Middle "Chinese, maths, English, physics, chemistry, math"   40 Yuan per hour   (College students) (early first 240; 350)   50 Yuan per hour   (the majors) (first 250; 360)  

★ high school/three school health/self-study exam "language, and mathematics, and English, and physical, and chemical, and Austrian number, and various professional courses"   each hours 50 Yuan   (General students) (high high 250 Yuan; high 360 Yuan)    each hours 60 Yuan   (the professional students) (high high 260 Yuan; high 370 Yuan)    each hours 100 Yuan   (left/retired/learning teachers Field teachers)   

★ adult English/English/46/business English/English phonetics   50 Yuan per hour   (College students)    60 Yuan per hour   (common English majors)    70 Yuan per hour   (General English graduate)    100 yuan per hour   (undergraduates)    

★ small languages language (day, method, de, Han, Russian, Spain)   each hours 50 Yuan   (non-professional students) (Japanese 50 Yuan, other 60 Yuan)    each hours 60 Yuan   (professional undergraduate and the graduates) (Japanese 60 Yuan, other 70 Yuan)    each hours 70 Yuan   (professional graduate and the graduates) (Japanese 70 Yuan, other 100 Yuan)