Foreign tutor
Mr Lawrence's famous quote: "even the wild child has a reputation, so to he honest, enterprising development of life, the parents have to stimulate the child's name as much as possible, let him have the opportunity to feel glorious and proud for what he had done. This is the Foundation of all good children. "

only in books, for example, Australia's schools and libraries, it offers many opportunities for children to value and cherish their reputations.

public school textbooks are recycling, that is, a major textbook for first grade children, such as math, science, geography, history, and literature, are from second-year of a child's hands "inheritance", and he, after a year of learning and using, textbooks must also be preserved intact, inherit, studied in boys and girls. Behind the free books attached to a table, it is the collective users ' signatures. Small Lucy, for example, sent to her math book, is after 5 years of use, little Lucy is his 6th masters. In General, mathematics, language teaching style quite stable, a book for seven or eight years out of the question. I have added content, and will send an additional pamphlet, the children themselves hands and bound in a book. Under each "new" books, little Lucy doubled it again from beginning to end, to her surprise is that textbooks used over four or five years, apart from slight traces of wear and yellowing paper, from beginning to end, no scratches, no dots, no traces of graffiti. Little Lucy's parents the instant it: "I don't know those mangled bicycle paint Australian Urchin, is how to live on your own. ”

very simple, as Mr Lawrence said: "the vast majority of people like to treasure their eyes love fame, and children are no exception. "Dang small Lu in book Hou of form solemnly signed Xia himself of name Hou, she commitment:" former students has to I do has example, and I of behavior, is successor students of example, I whether value textbooks, value each tree into pulp of tree, will was successor students see, I will do I by can, keep textbooks of clean, not negative I of honorary. ”

books on that day, Mr Lawrence each child to speak out and talk about the meaning of Recycle textbooks. Some of the children said, "is to save our forests, and environmental protection. "The other kids said," is to teach us how to discipline. "Quite a few children learn that some textbook binding loose less of problem, unable to enter the next round when in use, also volunteered to use their spare time patching this part of the book.

after class, small jade often led by her grandpa, went to the public library to pass the time. Australia free public library Monday to Friday, and offers a children's library, a science fiction library, model of Assembly rooms and other specialized library, classroom practice, service for children under 13 years of age. Each of the specialized library and classroom practice with free drinking water machines and photocopying facilities.

libraries are so much "favor" small fine to negotiate with Grandpa, how in their own strength, return to the library. 2004 spring break, through a simple application process, little Lucy admitted as a "little volunteer", responsible for library compiled a book for children "Chinese index" because little Lucy found, parents emigrated to Australia more and more Chinese children, at first, their standard of English is not high, even check out simple picture books, it may be difficult. If you have an English index directory, these children will be interested in reading has a great advantage. With the help of Grandpa, little Lucy spent a whole year's time for children's library has more than 3,800 copies of books in Chinese and English index directory.

after the work is completed, libraries for the little Lucy and her grandfather held a small ceremony, granting them   "honorary employee of the library" titles and a symbol of opening "book" golden key. Although all "spiritual encouragement", Houston, Texas, for any reward will not feel dejected little jade, just excited about this for two days and two nights.

"cherish reputation, and is willing to work hard to make children, will not let us down. ”