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After 4 months babies sleep alone

because the United Kingdom higher frequency of babies sleeping with their parents lead to asphyxiation, they believe that babies and parents sleep separately. Just half a year ago, cradle of the baby in his mother's bed, convenient feeding and care. After half a year old baby can sleep alone in their crib.

Satsuki is the baby is 4 months after he sleeps alone in his room, because your baby sleep too light, mother turning a slight cough woke him, with the room, mother, the baby cannot sleep peacefully, obviously not getting enough sleep.

keep baby sleeping baby's room it's not comfortable, because there are baby monitors, baby bed, an in Mommy's bed, lets us know the baby's condition.

United Kingdom advocated raising children (from 4 months onwards) normal sleep habits, is to give the child time to go to bed and sleep through the night. Parents are to be guided in the right way to tell the baby "it is time for bed" (such as a baby to the time to put on their pajamas, sing, tell stories, or giving a Kiss). Baby this is not done to cultivate their independence, but that "the child is important, parents." Assure the parents rest in order to better work and life, take care of your baby.

from birth to baby diapers

doll Xiang Xiang was a year old, but has been wearing a diaper, in the United Kingdom is without diapers.

United Kingdom think the nakedness of the baby is most susceptible to germs, bacteria, infection, so I do not claim exposure, from birth, they wear diapers for the baby, with children two years of age, Pee for as long as with a damp towel to wipe baby soft ass on the line. And the United Kingdom has never been on the problem of babies wear diapers any discussion and dissent.

the benefit of this is obvious: health (protected the baby's butt), wearing diapers and wearing a crotch pants is a respect for the baby. There is convenient, lets parents save cleaning time and physical strength.

United Kingdom baby's ass all the time is not covered. In cool weather, parents will spread a soft blanket at home, let the baby wearing only a vest or wear no clothes, deliberately exposed ass, so he is free to play on the blanket, baby love, and "air-dry" butt.

and custom baby from the "urine" where used "not the urine". From more than a year and a half to teach their children their own urine. Children sit next to the adults. When started in my parents ' bathroom, let the children go, children will slowly "I have to go to the bathroom" desire, at this time, parents help him take off his pants, he sat in his sitting on the toilet. Step by step parents instilled, at a certain stage, the child will have their own toilet.

small children know right from wrong

baby will go, "troublemaker", but the United Kingdom's parents do not like the Chinese parents, quickly put all things detrimental to the baby on the shelf, let him not touch to reach. In their view, just tell your baby, he'll know what active, what can be done.

the porcelain vases on the floor at home, the baby will never touch. Baby do right, must be encouraged, such as clap your hands or thumbs up to tell the baby he is great; done wrong must be punished.

United Kingdom advocates a naughty corner in each family to the effect that punishes naughty children corner, let his own reflection (which can be a place to spread a blanket, a small chair, etc). Don't understand why this one year old baby, for what's right or wrong. Then use simple "NO! "Wrong behavior and gestures to stop him, let him make it a habit if you just" NO ", first know that this thing is not able to move, can be said to be conditioned. Baby is a year old, can understand what adults say. If the child has done something wrong, he can understand a way of telling him this is wrong, if it again next time, to go to the "reflective corners". If he made the same mistake next time, then unceremoniously put him into "reflective corners" until he told them "I was wrong, it won't happen again! "Parents applauded drum Pro-children, told him," you're such a good boy. "

you can see United Kingdom parents have principles.