Foreign tutor
If someone asks you to be a volunteer, you will not go? If there is no requirement for you, you can consciously do? I am afraid that few people could do that. In Canada, people like you very much. The reason, secondary school "volunteer course" but undeniable.

Canada's high school students in grade 10 or 11 (the Chinese equivalent of high school), called "CAPP" (life purpose and career planning) course. This course will specialize in teaching students how to service the community, and tell them the importance and necessity of volunteer service. In the province of Ontario be Tian high school graduates under the Department of education, must be 40 hours of community service; while British Columbia Department of education require not less than 30 hours.

typically, students major in one's own school, community center or charity work. They could help or teach the children, or simply care for such persons, walking with their chat, and so on.

on the face of it, do so seem to occupy the students study and rest of your precious time, even spending on the economy, but it can let the kids for money is difficult to measure the results. Through their volunteer work, accumulated experience, knowledge society, learn to interact with people of all ages and levels, giving and giving back to the community, while social identity and that of others.

it cannot be denied that some adverse public opinion, flooding the venal, unscrupulous business culture values society, "learn from Lei Feng" seems to have become a thing of the past. Therefore, from a student, began to advocate for the children to do some volunteer's behavior is particularly important, and more importantly, do so was actually the biggest beneficiaries.