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Now, with the popularization of knowledge of family education, "teaching lenient sentence" has become the consensus of the majority of parents. In people's subconscious, the punishment is synonymous with abuse, so we often see in the press a few parents of young children to stand, made to kneel, and hungry and even reports of child abuse death penalty, these parents to punish lack of understanding and grasp. But tolerate their children's bad behavior, even for children looking for bad behavior, such as "he is tired," "he didn't NAP", "he's in a bad mood" excuse, such as, are the parents of the children "irresponsible" behavior. How to deal with a child's mistake? The way we look to foreign mothers may wish to punish his child.

mother:bernny , daughter six months old son is 2 years old male

in New Zealand, spanking is illegal, therefore, parents generally do not spank their children.

If the son fights in public places, as long as it doesn't affect the others, parents usually take the form of cryogenic treated their children with him. If affects others, I will take the children away, put it in a more open, quiet place and let him continue to make until he makes enough. I think that children make in order to attract parents of attention and in this way to attain his goals. When you see the kind of doesn't work, he can choose to give up.

for a time, my son likes to throw the fish pond in the garden of pebbles, and incorrigible. I will say to his son: "you see, you hurt fish hit and pool of mess. Pool is not beautiful, isn't it? "And then I will ask my son pick out stones in a pool. Sometimes the son would play, refused to go to pick up stones. I will not force him to go, he would go on to pick stones out to see his son. If just a son make and play with him, I would take the opportunity to education to his son: "now I'm going to pick up a stone, no time to play with you. "At this time, son will experience the consequences of his poor behavior.

I think that child is not sensible, he just almost, and I advocate that parents with small children will teach how to learn to take responsibility, learn to restrain himself.

MOM:TsukuBa  son is 2 and a half

If a child makes a mistake, Japan parent will take various measures to punish the child. Such as the plan to cancel the children go out to play, or even let the child go hungry meal, or moderate physical pressure. However, if a child in a public place wrong, parents do not punish a child in public.

the Japanese believe that punishing children is incompatible with the etiquette in public places, and can damage the child's self-esteem. So, then reviews the child home or punishment to the child.

United States parents: "clocks" isolation "

in the United States in the family and kindergarten, parents and teachers "time isolated" way to "punish" unruly children.

each son was unruly nonsense at home, or when fights with other children, I would have put him in his bedroom, and leave him alone for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, I'll get him out, and took the opportunity to educate him, and urge it to correct the shortcomings. Whether at home, in kindergarten, this method is very effective, and the child has certain deterrent.

our United States law, children must always be accompanied by adults and protect, in such circumstances, children are rarely left out or isolated piece of emotional experience. Therefore, once isolated by the "cold" can have a strong psychological shock. Moreover, children have a strong sense of group psychology and group consciousness, separating children from the group, will make them feel that they have been treated differently, so as to create a "does not equal" feeling, the children are very sensitive about this. This is implying that they: Naughty is not acceptable to all.

in addition, the naughty child leave, can ease the tension in both adults and children, enabling children to calmly reflect on their behavior.

Korea parents: confiscated child phone

every time when my son willful disobedience, I will consider his mobile phone confiscated. In Korea, most parents will use this as a means of punishing children.

according to the survey, young people aged 15-18, 77.5% believe that mobile is an "essential" equipment. If the lost phone, kids will feel lonely and helpless, and especially the face. Therefore, confiscated their mobile phones, will be an effective punishment.