Foreign tutor
Quality early childhood education should be the organic integration of kindergarten and family, close cooperation. In France, it has become the consensus of preschool educators. In order to improve the quality of early childhood education, kindergarten was established by the parent Committee, comprising representatives of parents and teachers. Parents Committee meets two or three times a year as the Conference, discussing the kindergarten curriculum, education programmes, environmental issues such as layout, activities in order to better promote children's development.

in order to help children out of the home as soon as possible, and adapt to life in kindergarten, the teacher did a lot of work and provide a good environment for the children in the kindergarten, let the children fully, and interactions with people, so that children like a kindergarten on the other, encourages parents to participate actively in education, they are welcome to visit our kindergarten, and access to learning.

parents as their sacred duty to educate their children, and their active participation, support kindergarten education. As morning sent baby Park Shi, parents are directly put baby sent to class Shang, and teachers, and other parents, and children talk, and and children play while yihou only left, to elimination baby of separation anxiety, makes baby can to good of mood began in Park of day life; in afternoon received baby home Shi, parents also not received has on go, but active and teachers exchange situation, ask problem, to each other tie common do education baby of work.