Foreign tutor
Have been to several European countries, have always felt Germany's children than children in other countries, "State" soon.

press group translation has two children, girls call bulijite, 9 years old boy called Daniel, 7 years old. Us to press House guest, was watering the flowers in the home, two children washing dishes. After greeted us, two children buried in their house. Press said two children think this afternoon chores all done under this week, with teachers and students go for an outing tomorrow. Everyone think press education well, praise, a few words.

press humbly smiled and then explained, parents of two children do chores is not required, but State law. National domestic legislation specifically for children do? It's fresh! Press us doubtful, they signed us to sit down and explain. Original, Germany legal provisions in the has a items provides: children in 6 age zhiqian can play, without do housework; 6~10sui, occasionally to help parents wash Bowl, and sweep, and buy things; 10~14sui, to cut lawn, and wash Bowl, and sweep and the to family people wipe shoes; 14~16sui, to wash car, and finishing garden; 16~18sui, if parents work, to weekly to home big cleaning once. For those not willing to do housework, child, parents have the right to appeal to the courts, to court to urge children to meet their obligations.

after hearing the introduction, we all find this legal provision are some fuss. "Children do comply with this provision? Will there be resistance? "Press answered, in Germany, no child on the legal objection. Because, from parents, adults have such a consensus: the primary responsibility of parents is to get kids to do chores, knew from an early age a person into the community will eventually have to rely on their own, self-reliance and self-improvement. From the children, doing housework can exercise, develop abilities, and earned pocket money from your parents. "My two children each month pocket money for 80 euros, understood as to wages as well. "Press said with a smile. A child for 40 euros a month pocket money, not low standard! But the press went on to say, these pocket money they need to pay some labor, such as bulijite for watering the flowers in the garden, the soil and washing the car, Daniel to help parents to wash dishes, clean rooms, go shopping and washing the family's shoes. "Next year I'm going to let bulijite and Daniel to deliver newspapers, they can rely on their labor to earn money to buy toys and clothes. ”

"children are so small, you do it, isn't that a little too cruel? "Press down coffee, said:" in fact, parents do so, solely for children, rather than letting children be a parasite, now than to teach them some skills! "The press, then I suddenly remember a saying in China:" thin. " Germany's parents described as visionary is!

"instead of letting children do parasites now than to teach them work skills! "Chinese parents, remember these words!