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In order to improve children's learning abilities, a growing number of Japan parents bring their children to take cooking lessons. "Teaching children to learn cooking, best not to start in the kitchen, but should choose a big dining table, filled with a variety of cooked material above, facilitate parents in adjuvant.

Tokyo square city "parent-child care classroom" founder believes that let the kids touch with knives and fire, learn to deal with these dangerous things, can make their hands and feet became more flexible, and to promote intellectual development. Therefore, Japan experts say from 3 years of age, parents should let the child walk into the kitchen.

experts stressed that before you decide to take their children to Cook, you have to deal with them. Must wash their hands before cooking; don't run in the kitchen; or contact the fire should not be used on the chopper. In addition, to prepare a set of form-fitting apron for children.

"teaching children to learn cooking, best not to start in the kitchen, but should choose a big dining table, on it filled with a variety of cooking materials to facilitate parents in adjuvant. Child's first contact with cooking, avoid using a kitchen knife and fire, starting from the mixed vegetables, or rice dumplings, sandwiches, etc. Wait until the kids interested in cooking, and after materials have certain skills, expose them to the tool and the stove. ”

experts warn parents: knife too thick for adults, it is best to change a small; with a knife for the first time should also pay attention to selection of materials, such as tofu, cucumber; even if poorly cut, also gave praise, increase their self-confidence; helped teach parents as long time, until the child is skilled with a knife so far. As regards the use of fire, first let your child practice how to ignite, fire then tell them, around the pot heats after ignition, do not touch; in addition, the foot ready for children, so their height can be matched with stove. "Learning to Cook, Cook to start, then boiled, fried, baked, and gradually increased the difficulty. Is in need of attention, be sure to let the children make it to the end of the cleaning and washing procedures, so that they develop the good habit of beginning. ”