Foreign tutor
Morality is infected

Britons have a notion that "morality is infected, rather than being taught." It shows up in children from heart, know from daily life and understanding of ethics.

United Kingdom not of moral education and moral education in primary and middle schools, called "personal social health education" or "socialization." Purpose is to let them know how common the basic truth of life, self-discipline in order to integrate into society and becomes a member of society. There are four core moral values: respect for life, fair, honest, and trustworthy.

children are not white

back when we were young Mao Ze-Dong's quotations: "a piece of white paper, no burdens, write the newest and finest words, paint the newest and finest pictures. "Later, we thought a child the same as white, what adults teach, small children will look like. One United Kingdom friends said, Westerners used to have "white". Small children are "TABULARASA" (Latin, namely, blank), but scientific research has proven that children come into this world, born already partially inherited from the parents ' temper, personality and other psychological genes and, therefore, "white paper on the" is a simplistic view things.

honesty is not an isolated character

United Kingdom schools generally does not have a specific moral education classes offered include Buddhism and Taoism, all major world religions course as an elective. This course is considered to be child morality and conscience is very important subject.

not only that, but most United Kingdom school every week to organize class discussions, some events of the school or the community, allow children to express views, to discuss, to understand and judge for yourself right from wrong and wrong.

group games is also an important way, let the child know how to regard and considerate of others, know how to cooperate with partner. United Kingdom school generally encourages child rearing small animals, organized students to home stay with old people chatting, raising money for charitable organizations and other public interest or environmental protection activities, the children love and social interaction skills. In the United Kingdom for educators, the virtue of honesty is not an isolated, but with self-respect and respect for others, and love for life and nature closer together.

not indifferent to winning, but to enjoy the process

teacher is not taught students to learn old Zhuang of detached, indifferent WINS results; instead, United Kingdom school in, "WINS" II Word total was hanging in mouth Shang, because various game numerous, full students of school life, but are because game more, each students are has opportunities taste to teacher by to convey of information: you will win, but not each are is you win, everyone are has win of when, also has lost of when, matter of is enjoy participation of process, to do himself wants to do of thing. Moved to United Kingdom Chinese immigrants to feel most strongly is that British life choice is often to do the things they like to do, even if it's out of fashion or trendy.

do not disturb others

United Kingdom's social and moral education, there is impressive, it is childhood education children need to learn to take care of themselves, while careful not to obstruct others. This is a watershed in public morality and personal morality, was also known as the "moral requirements to strangers."

United Kingdom primary schools attach great importance to cultivating children's independence, personal hygiene, tidy school supplies and moral education range. Confucius said: "do unto others. "The West has a similar, but perhaps a more positive statement: want to be treated yourself, treat others as such.

United Kingdom every aspect of society, full penetration of this way of thinking. Take for instance the traffic rules, why good visibility cannot be opened when the rear fog lamp? When overtaking others why change high beam lights to low beam lights? If you consider the plight of others while driving, taking into account the possible danger to other road users, also means taking into account their own driving safety. One United Kingdom regulations, embodies the logic of this and doesn't mention it.