Foreign tutor
Starting from June 2004, beautiful a morning market in Harbin, and a beautiful scenery: high nose, blue eyes, speaks authentic Chinese Russia father and son call her pie. However, don't think that they do such a small business is to bring home the bacon. In fact, as a father of Russia nationals Sha Kejin was a garage owner in Harbin, millions of assets owned, lived a comfortable, wealthy. So, why did he and his son, worked to make this "money"? So this is foreign father to son living in China to implement a unique educational philosophy.

late July 2004, father Sha Kejin with deep feeling about the twists and turns of the son growing up ... ...

wake up: you cannot continue as other Chinese parents doting son

58 years old Sha Kejin native Russia Tatarstan and Tatar people. He is very loved by her children, especially for the son, muradin is doubly protected. His son when he was a child, Sha Kejin often take him hiking, swimming, playing to nature, to hone his son's will, wanted him to become a real man. Although in those days the Sha Kejin and many Chinese families, life was not rich, but Sha Kejin was the son of the various requirements to be met, he feels this is an expression of love to his son. Once a son to see other children with electronic remote control cars, talking about his father to buy him a car. This toy car price for their home is not a small expense, but Sha Kejin without hesitation, immediately went to the shop to buy his son a car back. Although the whole family can eat meat for a week, son boldly playing favorite RC car, Sha Kejin than meat or sweet.

However, Sha Kejin soon son found abnormal behavior. Small muradin has its own exclusive remote control cars, not to let his sister to play. When she really wants to play, would have to take his parents to little food for siblings. One day, the little muradin after eating the sister's small food, come and take back remote control cars, siblings disputes do not. Under the angry little muradin remote control car that suddenly grabbed my sister's hands, "PA" to fall to the ground. Sha Kejin, sons little age, so do not know how to take care of property, so selfish, and develop our staff? Thus, Sha Kejin grabbed son in bed, grab his butt a slap. Children do not admit, but Sha Kejin in your heart to forgive his son. He thought, tree, nature, child, grown up will probably grow out of it.

However, the fact is not so simple Sha Kejin. In small muradin at the age of 13, Sha Kejin holding wishes to return to roots, with a wife on the Russia's land. First arrived in Russia, small muradin is curious about everything, happy every day. But after the novelty, small muradin find in Russia life was unhappy, because Russia's child everyday after school, helping parents to do some things on their own, and muradin does not intervene in any housework at home naturally has a lot of playing time, but the country has no one to play with him, making him depressed all day. One day, a friend of Sha Kejin to come to his home, Sha Kejin friends burned a few Chinese dishes, to treat a friend. Who knows, the Sha Kejin and friends is not on the table, small muradin have their dishes up front, watching eat, make desktop is a mess. Sha Kejin with dismay that big mouth, he never thought his son could be so selfish and rude. Friends surprised look when thought to a friend's House, a friend's House for their own polite and courteous hospitality, in stark contrast to the already embarrassed Sha Kejin and more shame. After dinner, Sha Kejin wanted to back down in front of friends, called muradin small packing table. Guessed, little muradin don't buy father's account, as if he didn't hear sit back and leisurely look in return. Sha Kejin finally patience, rushed his son raised his hand. If friends gripped his hand, advised him not to, and so angry, he really wanted to beat his son. Friends gone, Shaq gold asked his son why he was so rude and lazy? Small muradin shakes head disapprovingly and said: "children around the country do I have any special? "The son replied that Sha Kejin startled. He felt a deep unease and Russia compared to friends, his son's education in the past, had to admit somewhat biased coming really can no longer be coddled and spoiled son, must be the same as pruning young trees, pruned his faults and flaws, let him grow up healthily. Otherwise, child killing child!