Foreign tutor
1. exaggerated

such as "you are the most beautiful girl in the world". As children grow older, they will tell you something containing water, so grown up, praise of others will be skeptical. In addition, the child of hearing parents exaggerated praise, after entering only flattery and not listen to negative comments.

2. personal attacks

"you're as fat as a pig." Children with low intelligence also can appreciate such words include "bad faith", the mind will come to great harm. In addition, young children may also be at face value and becomes, finally lost their self-esteem and confidence.

3. threats and intimidation

"if I don't do my homework I'll beat you up" and so on. The bravado of threatening to let the children lose parents of closeness and trust.

4. cold as ice

"can't you see I'm busy." From what children hear the subtext is: people do not care about me, they do not treat me as their darlings.

5. position

"you don't have to listen to" and so on. If the parents are always "high", the child can't accept criticism when balanced, so that if you criticize the totally correct, children can also occur koufuxinbufu reaction.

6. the cynicism

"why do you think they are." Children, especially young children fear most is from the taunts of parents. Even if you say these words may also have a little sense of humor, but you know, the "tinies" were hard to understand really.

7. the absolute negation

"you always lie". Of course, criticism is a method of teaching children, but if you say the word "must", but could trigger a child's rebellious, resulting in rejects such criticism.