Foreign tutor
United Kingdom the world leader in education, which is inextricably linked to them to lay the foundations of early childhood education.

singing and dancing babies

before Easter, I drove north from Glasgow University Choir Highlands tour of the kindergarten, we visited the kindergartens in the urban area, cities and towns along the kindergartens, kindergartens in rural and sparsely populated mountainous area kindergarten. As far as I could see, were warmly welcomed by the kindergarten teachers. Choir prepared colorful programs for kindergarten children: a passion for exciting music, and a compelling story, a lively game, reveling in the joy of the children. When ringing gongs and drums, guitar playing, flute, and children and adults to jump the passionate Scottish folk dances. That melodious song, a lovely dance, really amazing, how these children grew up practice singing and dancing skills! They can be mannered little gentleman is not what people think, little lady!

eliminate the "difference"

during the visit, I was surprised to find that, regardless of the town's child or children in the mountains of, they all receive the same care and attention. Kindergartens, large and small, the park facilities. Gives the first impression is clean, beautiful environment. Despite fewer children in kindergartens in mountain areas, but they also have city kids play equipment. In addition, compared to the mountain of kindergarten teachers and the city, no less. They are acquired through formal education for kindergarten teachers and kindergarten teachers qualification, and most are from the city. So children grow up in the mountains of the level exactly like the city's children, eliminate the urban-rural divide. Government to encourage kindergarten teachers to work in the mountains in the city, the city's teachers are also willing to work for mountain children. I've asked several of the teacher, "why are you willing to work up in kindergarten? "Their answer is:" for the healthy growth of children, we are willing to help them. ”

understanding of "LOVE"

regardless of the kindergarten, when you step into the main office or the classroom, greeted the eye-catching Chinese characters "LOVE" (in love). The past few days, in kindergarten, I appreciate the most is the meaning of love. From children to say "sorry", "Let me help you with that", "thank you", "I can do", "I don't mind", "did you touch the pain", "don't cry, we love you", "Chinese, African, Indian and Pakistan, were some of my best friends" ... ... My heart was touched by the innocence of love.

I asked a teacher, "How can you know so much love on their child? "She told me: kindergarten children most in need of love, we should give them the most love. Not just parents love their teacher loved them, and community volunteers to love them, especially the Church in a variety of ways to care for them. For example, the Church's pastor Chang Lai see, "choir" singing and dancing with them, "the junior youth group" to communicate with them, "love team" to prepare for their picnics, and so on. Children learned to love in the process of being loved. Love education in kindergarten centres, children love the idea from an early age, casting the child confident personality, exercise the children social skills. That they grew up with mutual respect and love, just strong character, gentle kindness has laid a solid foundation.