Foreign tutor
United States kindergarten on Monday there will be a "circle time", children sat around in a circle on the carpet, her favorite thing to show the kids, a few minutes of improvisation.

games started, 5 rushing out toys in the hands of bright. The children shouted: "Oh, cool!"

is just back from vacation in Hawaii, who then Laura, her waist tied with a green "leaves", proudly says: "look, this is Hawaii dress!" Then dance "Hula," said: "is the Hawaiian people dancing. ”

3 kalun hesitantly got up, walked slowly to the front of the teacher, a little bit at a loss. Saw nothing in his hands, the teacher gently hugged him, and "search" you can "show" thing. "Oh, new sneakers!" Teachers say: "look at the kalun wearing new shoes today are so beautiful!" While inspired kalun: "tell our children that shoes are what color?" Kalun whispered: "white. "The teacher urged:" jump jump and see if shoes have a noise? " Kalun without being nervous and jump, jump ... ... Face more and more excited. Teachers led by acclamation: "thank you, kalun, let us share your new shoes. ”

that's right, "circle time" is such a "dash" of the stage. Americans are to build the concept: who has a little "achievements", who will be noticeable as the "Centre" and gaining appreciation and honor are formed in this way. Also, in "circle time", equal opportunities for the children, who are likely to become a focus of public attention in a couple of minutes, so that each individual face all your playing skills, to express themselves freely.

go out to increase confidence

children's self-confidence is an important factor to develop their skills, and should go out at every opportunity, continue to give children a message that: "we have to rely on yourself!, I can do it!" For example, when eating out, staff often without any explanation to pour tea for each guest, if the kids don't like tea, what?, don't rush to help kids. Encourage him through his fight for change to a cup of boiling water, then he will be brave enough to ask the waiter for expressions such as ordering, call, and other desires. Children's confidence is growing in yet another successful experience.

family meals of participating organizations

weekend family activities, invite your neighbors or friends to attend. Of course, best friends range is both familiar and unfamiliar people. In advance and discuss recipes, and with children, in the market to purchase needed materials, ask children to help advise, try to involve children in the zecai process, finally decided by children in any form is served dinner and let him act as a waiter. Children's sense of ownership arises spontaneously, both enriches the knowledge of life and the exercise of social skills, will make children more willing to participate in such activities.