Foreign tutor
I am in the United States when a training course to learn, ask United States students, if they choose not to fulfil the wishes of parents to the child when, for example, found that kids love to do? They tell a lot of ways, in which a mother that "laissez-faire law" gave me a deep impression.

one day, 43 years show, announcing to the class that her son had and his girlfriend break up laughing demeanor, makes me feel strange. Everyone else in the classroom was full of curiosity, and soon I will know the story behind this.

her son was a 16 years old boy that was in high school, his girlfriend the night before the age of 21 has severed its relationship with him. Show, not like the girls from the very beginning. She tried to oppose them, she thought their family backgrounds are very different, and the son is not old enough to fall in love.

"why don't you separate them? "I asked.

"How can that be? His own approach very willful. For me, this is a struggle of doomed to failure. ”

"so you let him be at ease with being with her? ”

"Yes, but I warned him that it will not have any results. ”

"have you ever met her? ”

"many times, when he didn't have enough money to take her to the restaurant, he would take her to dinner, sometimes, I just want them to leave me alone, but I never said so. I don't like her and his contacts, he knew it all. But you know what happens to the boys of this age, you say, the better, the more he won't listen. If I always said objection, more determined with the girl he is inseparable, so I naturally, and this will make their relationship ended more quickly. ”

"did he talk to you about her? ”

"sometimes. I asked them to do together, I told him that they would have to do. Just like a normal conversation, without criticism, even heard them to not go to the local bar, I don't say oppose. ”

"you have not done one thing trying to separate them? ”

"no, but you don't know how happy this makes me. This morning when I heard they broke up already, though I saw the tears in his eyes, but I almost can't help but laugh. When he went to school, I couldn't wait to tell my husband. We have never laughed. ”

"your son's sad, right? ”

"Yes, but his stand. He now is very sad not associate with her. Believe he withstand the pain. ”

"in China, high school students are forbidden to fall in love. "I might as well explain.

"no matter in which country, children spend more time for learning, love is not a wise move. Because they are so small, does not understand the true meaning of love. This experience cannot be replaced, however, also need to sort out their own thoughts on their own out of misunderstanding. Parents don't take this too seriously, even nervous, don't act for the child. They just played games, also in continuous learning. Should have grasped is that when he was in College, he will know what kind of person he was looking for, and can perfectly find his other half. ”

"do you think this is ready for the future? ”

"you could say. He can be compared to finally know what is important, what is the most important, the same ease with which he could face future combat. ”