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Social competition, contest is not just knowledge and wisdom, and more is a contest of will and perseverance, no rough spirit and ability, it is impossible to win in the fierce competition. National parents generally attach importance to develop children's abilities and suffer hardship. Because the child is a social market economy of the future, is a society full of competition, competition requires that every Member of society must have this ability and spirit.

for a child's education, involves all aspects of education, in which hardships education is one of the, the education will be will education has the most direct effect on children. We may all know, we are the object of education is people, and people are the most complex animals, in education, therefore, we only take the most effective education methods in order to make our education to play its inherent strength. When it comes to the issue of the time, let me remind our parents, our parents, they were inspired by the suffering came, to this end, they know every single grain hard from the bottom, so we promote thrift life education. On this issue, the parents may wish to refer to foreign parents –

United States

parents from their children when they realize the value of labor. United States South State school to cultivate students ' ability to survive independently of the social, special provisions: students must bring nothing, independent living graduated this week.

conditions seem harsh, but the students have benefited. Parents of the full support of this activity, none of "drag", "back door", "little tricks". United States high school students have a slogan: "to spend money earned." United States begins when young, no matter how rich their home boys after the age of 12 would give neighbors or their parents at home and cut the grass, delivered to earn some pocket money, girls do a babysitter to make money. 14 years old Jenny weekly Saturday will go to a restaurant, the mother told her, you can help mothers to work at home, so wages may be paid. But Jenny feel at home to make their mother's money is not a skill, she must go outside to earn money to express their self-reliance capacities.


parents in order not to let their children become incompetent, children from an early age self-reliance spirit. For example, for 16 or 17 years old girl, upon graduation from junior middle school sent to a cultured family to become a maid a year, morning work, go to school in the afternoon. To do so, exercise has the ability to work on the one hand, on the other hand also to learn the language, because Switzerland has in German-speaking areas, there are French-speaking areas, girls usually so this language area to another language area as a servant.


parents never replace children things. Law also provides that child to the age of 14 will be some obligations at home, such as man shining shoes for the entire family. To do so, not only in order to develop the child's ability to work, but also to develop the child's sense of social obligation.


children famously said: in addition to the light and air is a given of nature, everything else is available through labor. Many Japan students do in their spare time, to go out to work to earn money, and work-study programs are very common among college students, even the children of the rich are no exception. They lived by waiting tables, washing dishes in a restaurant, in store sales, and nursing home care for the elderly, family teachers to earn their fees. When children are very young, parents instill in them a thought: "do not trouble to others", travel with the whole family, no matter how small children are, without exception, a small knapsack on his back. When asked why, the parents said: "something of their own, should he come back. ”


in order to cultivate children's ability to survive in the future, people from a very early age children's ability to live independently. In Canada there is a journalist, two elementary school kids going with families to deliver the newspaper in the morning. Watching a child caught up in delivery of newspapers, the reporter's father is proud: "so many newspapers is not easy, got up very early, regardless of wind and rain is going to send, the children never missed. ”